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  1. Okay, thanks @Rob1, I just watched a video on that topic and what I though of as pre-infusion all the time was actually just pre-wetting (as you assumed, no plumb, no pressure). Funnily, the last point you mentioned was exactly what I tried for the last shot I pulled. I set the grinder a notch coarser and went for a 1:3 ratio (18g in, 36 seconds from when the lever was in the full up position, 60g out), which resulted in stronger and much less watery shot which was much better taste wise. I think I am playing around a little bit now with the 1:3 ratio with 18g in and aim for 60 out.
  2. Thanks @Nleng, I think I am going to see first what grinding a bit coarser does and keep the other factors consistent. My assumption at the moment is that I over extract (based on slow flow, slightly bitter taste plus quite weak). Also did some research on how the creama should ideally look like and the shot in the picture seems to be on the over extracted spectrum from my guess. 🙏Thanks everyone
  3. Thanks @MarkHB, tasting the drink I actually make certainly makes sense. I guess it is just going to be a lot of fiddling around and I will get there at one point. Everything went quite well with the beans I first used, but now after switching, I do not get the new ones quite right yet. Would have sticked to the ones I had but they are not available for the foreseeable future according to Origin. @Rob1 always grams, I have a little scale I use. The last shots were all around 36g so a 1:2 ratio. When you say the shot time is from when the pump is switched on, is this the point
  4. Hey Appartemento owners, I am new to the forum and my Appartemento arrived just over a week ago and I am really happy with it! I would be really interested in how other people who own and use the machine time their shots. I found a lot of contradicting information and some people count it in, while others don´t. I have experimented with both but with pre infusion my `good` shoots are over 40 seconds, while if I start the timer once the espresso starts to pour, it gets me right in the sweet spot of 25-30s (both for 18g in and around 36 out). Also wrote it out in a b
  5. Perfect, cheers! Got myself some good screwdrivers today to be sure to keep the screws in good shape. Something I really do not get my head around is counting the pre-infusion when I pull shots. I did a lot of research and there is somewhat contradicting information regarding that out there. Some say count it, some say do not. I have printed out and started to use this Espresso Compass to work on my shots I did two for comparison purposes. 1) 18g in, 37 out in 26 seconds (without PI) - Was a little weak and a bit watery so I decided to decrease the yield
  6. Hey, no need to apologise, this is super helpful and very much appreciated that you took the time to put it together! I actually already opened up once as it arrived before the machine, I ground some shitty (oily) beans and had to clean it. By frequently, what do you mean like monthly/ weekly? Will certainly get a proper screwdriver thanks for pointing that out!
  7. Hi NIeng, thanks for your reply. Do you mean by cleaning the grinder screwing it up every time I change my beans? Wont this affect warranty or so if I open it up completely every time and that the screws maybe wear out? So the last shot I pulled was 18g into 36 in 25, PI not counted thought. Would you recommend starting over again and counting PI as well? Shot was quite decent in a flat white though. I also managed to add a picture of my setup Thanks everyone much appreciated
  8. Hey, thanks for your reply. I tried to drag and drop the picture but it wont let me. I also do not have a choose file option, only "Insert image from URL". Do I maybe need a certain amount of posts in order to be able to upload pictures? I use the Aguacate Beans from Origin at the moment and really started to enjoy them as soon as I was able to pull some decent shots. I managed 36g in 30seconds now from 18g of coffee and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the beans are sold out everywhere at the minute so I have to switch to some other ones once the bag is empty. Regarding the r
  9. Ordered my machine (Rocket Apprtemento) and Eureka Specialita Grinder from here. Outstanding communication and next day delivery once my products were in stock. I also had some issues with the grinder (due to lacking experience) and they jumped on the phone with me and we fixed it one the spot. I most appreciated that I actually got a call from the guy once my machine had arrived, asking if all went well and if I like it. Very nice gesture you do not see a lot these days. Seems to be a fairly small business still but will certainly order there again if I need something.
  10. I live nearby Devotion too, quite like the shop and their coffee. My absolute favorite in all of south London has to be Bluebird Brothers on Northcore Road (also pretty much next to Clapham Junction). Just a whole in the wall but their quality is outstanding. Other shops in the area which I really enjoy are: Kapihan (Phillipino Coffee Shop and Bakery, Battersea) Press (Road between Clapham Junction and Wandsworth)
  11. Hi everyone,I have been a silent reader here for a while and now that my machine arrived, I thought I’d sign up and become a part of the community. I went with a Rocket Apartemento Serie Nera and a Eureka Mignon Specialita Grinder. I am using the Resolute Beans from origin at the moment and brew with Tesco Ashbeck Water as I do not want to ruin my machine with central London tap water.At the moment, I am really in the learning process and would appreciate some help. I have read a lot here before but something confuses me as a newbie. I have been constantly grinding 18g of coffee and use the do
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