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  1. Just in case others want to try the solution previously mentioned, i found out that the paper clip can be easily used for, so i will give a try😁
  2. @DavecUK do you remember what burr size was... 50...55...or?
  3. @DavecUK It was not for you, i mean, i did the video for my own use to see the rolling beans....i was in the "anti popcorning period"🤣
  4. I only grinds for espresso, anyway this is a video. 594791219_DF64allenbolt.mp4
  5. I tried the eureka zig zag 3 months ago, but in my case the result was not an improvement. I'm actually running without any anti clumping, static is not a problem here since we have 85% humidity😅
  6. Before the G-IOTA thread, now this one...i think i will cancel the subscription to netflix😂...sorry guys, i could not resist to an off topic. Peace love and coffee
  7. I'm sure the Kafmasino brothers are doing their best to accomplish all the phases of this project, but a well done and clear video will make them to save time in more clarifications. I'm with Mrboots2u when i say that in the posted videos ( Kafmasino videos) is impossible to see ( literally impossible) the graphics displayed by the tablet screen....or maybe i need a new pair of glasses🧐
  8. I just ordered one at a local dealer ( I live in Bangkok), just curious to see how it will perform, unfortunately i have not great experience in such brewing method, so i don't think i could be a useful source of info, but i will try anyway to release my impression, if any interested.
  9. You are right 100%. My comment, in effect, was not clear at all, was not to contradict you. Peace, love and coffee.☺️
  10. As previously mentioned seems to be an AVX DB1......customized.
  11. Not sure if you are Polish too....but even if not, you can use google translate and you will get more info about it😉
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