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  1. People have reportedly made a tool out of PVC pipe. But people have also reported it being really hard to get the piston off for the first time, so I don't anticipate a piece of PVC pipe will cut it for that initial removal. Once off for the first time, a PVC tool will probably be fine - just don't tighten it much. If you don't want to stump up for the real tool, supposedly this does the job with a bit of filing - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B087CKXLVD?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details. I have purchased one of these in the hope that it will do both the first remova
  2. Could you post some photos of it? Trying to decide on this setup or the regular steam arm.... Thanks
  3. The question of flex doesn't seem to want to go away. I won't call it an 'issue', because in my mind it isn't. Let me try to capture why: All lever machines flex - some perhaps imperceptibly, but I think all the domestic units I have seen have visible flex - as seen in various videos people have posted. The groups are bolted to a flat surface, and the leverage is high. It is the surface to which the group is bolted that flexes a bit under the load. We really only notice it through a mechanism of amplification of the movement - the reflected image on the front panel changes, o
  4. Does anyone have a machine with some of the different steam / water arm options - the Minima arms or the Vostok long arms? Would be great to see some photos and perhaps a video of them in use. I'm still yet to decide on my choice for my batch 2 machine.... Thanks.
  5. So perhaps we need to understand if you have the option to set a 'power restore state' in the Leva's software..... This is important stuff! Like Shimon, I use Google to turn on the coffee machine on the way home.
  6. If you only ever power the machine on and off by using the remote switch, then the machine is by definition always in its 'on' state. So restoring power achieves your objective if it restores to its previous state.
  7. Hi All, I know that the menu on the machine has the ability to program on and off times, but I have historically automated the power cycling of my machine through a remotely controlled power switch controlled by the home automation. Hopefully I can continue to do that - much easier to change programming, disable when I am away etc.. In order to do so, the Vesuvius Leva needs to power up to the last operating state when power is reapplied. I.e., if the machine was 'off' (or in standby) when the power supply was turned off, then when power is restored it repowers in the 'off' (or
  8. So, a couple of questions for you guys with your new toys: Are the wood handles real wood? I hope so for such a special machine..... My Strega (dual spring) has no problems with a wooden lever handle, so I don't see there should be an issue with a properly-designed wooden lever handle for the Vesuvius Leva. Sounds like a tamper that is a better fit might be desirable - can someone measure the size of the supplied baskets so I can sort out a well sized tamper in anticipation of receiving my batch 2 machine. What do you think of the steam and water arms you have selected? I'
  9. Woohoo - photos of the first machine in the wild are pending!!!!???
  10. Hi to all you First Batchers, Any news on whether your machines have been dispatched? I expected some excited chatter on the newsgroup, but you have all been quiet...... Dave
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