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  1. I’ve seen various versions so assume its just a meme that has been edited a few ways.
  2. Not seen many offers on mignons tbh - all at or very close to the RRP so comes more down to preferred seller imho. But if you are leaning towards the Silenzio is it not worth stumping up the extra £60-70 to get the Specialita?
  3. I’m not on the list myself so no experience with the process but are they both with the same bank? Maybe hitting a fraud filter. With natwest at least such transactions flag and you can login to their bank app and approve it.
  4. I assume warranty / turn around of repairs is also a factor? I have a Lavazza Blue home user machine but assumed that the larger ones for offices etc were some sort of lease deal i.e. buy x amount of pods per month get machine free or cheaper and if it goes wrong they send someone out or replace it. So what you don't want going forward is something that if it breaks you are without a machine for a couple of weeks whilst its sent for repair.
  5. How many people are going to be making coffees as any of the options given are of course going to be more complex than popping in a Lavazza Blue pod and pressing a button?
  6. I was in the same mindset although I am upgrading from a pod machine (Lavazza Blue) so shouldn't be too hard to get better coffee. The Mara X is £200- 300 cheaper (depending which Appartamento you go for but the Serie Nera is a no brainer for me) and is only really more compact in width (22cm vs 27cm). Height is 35cm vs 36cm but the Mara doesnt have a cup rail so the top of the actual machine unit itself is taller (height is an issue for me as the valance of my kitchen cupboards is only 40cm from the worktop). From memory depth is very similar to within 1cm. I prefer the polished finish of the
  7. My first proper grinder turned up very promptly from BB - Eureka Mignon XL. Hefty machine in a small package with a crazy long power cable (1.65m). Now just need a proper espresso machine to go with it. Is it sad that I also bought the Rocket Bottomless portafilter and I don't even have a machine yet 😉 Got some free Milk Buster beans which was nice (at first I thought they had shipped the wrong beans as first pack I saw).
  8. I just measured it and its longer than I remembered - 165cm from where it leaves the grinder exit to the bottom of the plug! Is that the same for the Specialita or does the XL come with an XL (eXtra Long) power cable 😆
  9. Thanks for that. Will take a look once I've decided where its going to stay. From your video I am not sure how much space there will be (possibly less with the XL model) and if enough slack in the blue/brown/yellow wires to hide enough of the power cable (probably looking at reducing by 2/3rds as so close to wall socket). But good to know something can be done.
  10. Good to know thanks. Is that easy enough to do or does it involve taking it apart to get to the inside near the bottom where the cable enters the chassis?
  11. Naa that's just so that when your wife's vegan friends come over for a barbecue you can have four burgers for you and the family and give the vegans the two extra buns. Even better - the griller and his best mate get double patties 😆
  12. My XL in Matte Black turned up today from BB (I was trying do decide gloss or matte black only to realise that the XL only comes in matte vs the Specialita which comes in both options). Damn it is hefty for such a small thing - tried picking it up out of the box with one hand and soon changed to two hands lol. Not used it in anger yet but at first glance: Positives = Looks great, feels well built and sturdy, like the dial with grind sizes on the side vs the top Negatives = The gold XL badge on the front is ever so slightly lopsided which triggers my OCD, the power cable is very
  13. Congrats. The Specialita has a great rep, runs quiet and looks great imho (the Sette 270 looks like something out of an 80's school canteen). Also read a lot of reliablity issues with the 270 as it has plastic gearing apparently?? I was toying with a Niche but also not a huge fan of its retro looks and waiting 2-3 months to get one. I ordered from BB on Tuesday and went for the slightly cheaper delivery but its still arriving today yay. I did plump for the XL version in Matte Black. Chunk of change more for 65mm diamond burrs, colour matched body & base, rubberised pf holder and large
  14. Finally got around to watching this and the wife asked (from another room) what I was chuckling at so hard. Didn't know how to explain it without looking like a briper myself so just kept quiet 😆
  15. Haha always a good idea to use photos as you know they will scroll down to look for a price. When mine asks how much a Mignon is my answer will be “around £200” which is true and luckily they all look pretty similar at a quick glance 🤭
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