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  1. I received my Niche last Friday and I have to say I am absolutely won over with the improvement in my espresso - I’d been using my original Feldgrind up until that point (with a Robot) but often struggling with a lack of sweetness in the cup (I predominantly drink lighter roasts). With the Niche there are noticeably less fines, much fluffier grinds and it results in a consistently more balanced drink. I guess my sample size is small given I’ve only used three different beans so far but so far so good, it’s just so easy to use (not to mention the time-saving compared to hand-grinding!
  2. May I join you both in sharing the excitement - I’ve just received my shipping notification as well!!
  3. I’ve had a very similar experience - my tamps have also been much more consistent since I started nutating with the self-levelling tamper. The BPF is a real blessing for assessing my rookie consistency!
  4. Unsurprisingly - they look really cool! I’m surprised no one has made aluminium replacements as yet, I think that’d look awesome on the black versions in particular (I’m aware of Laube Coffee’s “dark thirty” base kit but to import from the US that looks pretty expensive...)
  5. I was lucky enough to snaffle one in the last drop, but as I impatiently wait for news of it’s delivery my hatred for the wood grows exponentially 😂 I’m definitely excited about what it can produce though (and never having to hand-grind for espresso ever again...)
  6. Sure I get that, the question is entirely subjective! The hand-grinders I listed aren’t even the same price or quality for brewing espresso so it’s a fairly open question - just wondered if there’s a consensus beyond any tribalism. And of course, the time and effort ultimately would be a factor in anyone’s purchase decision in any case. But I commonly see people recommended to buy a hand grinder if they’re on a budget so at what point do things start to cross over? (As a musician I’m wondering if there’s any comparison to the head-phones Vs speakers comparison producers commonly negotiate
  7. If you’re prepared to put the effort in then a premium hand grinder punches above it’s weight when compared to a similarly priced electric grinder - but how far above their weight? I’m interested in the consensus on what something like a Kinu M47/Comundante C40/Lido/Feld 2 would compare to in the electric grinder world - specifically for espresso, and ONLY with regards to the quality of the grind (not the workout and time!). (I know there are various opinions dotted about the forum on this subject but I couldn’t find a thread that directly answered this - feel free to direct me if you kno
  8. According to the Fellow website the 1.2L will hold 455g of light roast beans or 385g of medium roast. I’ve a kilo of pretty light roast Ozone coming on Friday so I’ll see then! I also bought a large Airscape from Origin which definitely holds more - I think between the two canisters I should be sorted for now. I’ll be using the airscape day-to-day and leaving the atmos full until I need it to ensure maximum freshness. I could be over-thinking things 😂 (The Origin-branded Airscape was also a decent deal - £30 including free postage and 250g of Los Altos espresso!).
  9. I just received my 1.2L atmos direct from Fellow - £32.61 including delivery, which took about 2 weeks, should anyone be interested in doing the same.
  10. No expert, but I was under the impression burr seasoning was pretty common practice and makes a demonstrable difference to the result in the cup? I found this blog post on the subject of interest: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/coffeeadastra.com/2019/05/27/seasoning-grinder-burrs-and-grind-quality-2/amp/ I don’t think that means you can’t start enjoying your new grinder straight away, just know that the particle distribution etc etc (read the above link!) will settle down over time. I plan to run an extra couple of KG of junk beans through my new NZ over the course of the first coupl
  11. eyeabee

    Flair 58

    Having to plug it in sort of takes away a little of the manual romance don’t you think? But then again the kettle and grinder are both electrical so whatever I guess! The lagom seems to look sexier each time I see it though, maybe I have a subconscious thing for microscopes?
  12. I may have missed this when I first looked but the Option O website now has this written on the C38e product page: “Recommended for coarse grind applications only. E.g. V60, Chemex, French Press (not for espresso).”
  13. The spec says it comes “With TiN-coated conventional burrs (designed for coarser grind)” Introductory price appears to be $279 so certainly in the Fellow Ode realm: https://www.option-o.com/custom/lagom-c38e
  14. Seems like a great deal, thanks!
  15. This makes sense to me, though I’m certainly not a qualified physicist! These observations don’t discredit Hoffmann’s experiment, rather highlight the limitations of his methodology as compared to real-life use: though he opened each container daily to allow air in/out as in real use, I don’t think he removed any coffee throughout the 6 week gestation period - so the “displacement catch-up” you describe will not have been experienced in his test. If only someone could invent a reusable hybrid displacement-vacuum canister...I think I’m now in the realm of pure pendantry!
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