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  1. Hey, thanks for the fast reply. I`m talking about the water tank in the back, so it`s a visual inspection. Are we talking about different things here? Slight language barrier is possible, I`m from the Austria )as the € might imply). I`ve attached an image of what I understand the motherboard to be (functionally it is, again, I accept there could be a double language barrier here, the customer support was italian). The unit looks as unremarkable as the last time this damage occured, no smells, no visual hints of anything wrong.
  2. Hey there everyone. First time poster but long term Rancilio Noob. I`ve had my Silvia for about 2 years and was always impressed by the foam and overall shot quality of her, but underwhelmed by the amount of control e.g. temp etc. I use her exclusively for pulling shots, i`m not a steamed milk kind of person and my girlfriend isn`t either, so the steam wand just goes unused. About 4 months ago, she wouldn`t turn on. I checked the outlet again and again and contacted customer support. They had me reset the thermostat (to no avail), then told me to send her in (60€), pay for repai
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