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  1. Does it have anything in brackets that look like this >PA6<
  2. I will check for marking on mine later. Im going to guess abs or non reinforced poly propylene. Do you happen to have a switch out to check if there is any material codes on there
  3. Hello jake what dose are you using in those baskets? It looks like it might be "channelling" which can be down to dose, grind consistency or level of the puck
  4. No im afraid not my nephew called me it once after watching the Adams family and it stuck
  5. Ha ha rob I like that. I used a curry spice dish for a bit for my pourovers. My wife was not happy!
  6. ? Sorry I don't quite understand
  7. Hello yes I am new here so please tell me if this thread is in the wrong place. I have been looking into lever espresso machines such as the pavoni europiccola and londiniums. I even see on this forum that a new lever espresso machine called a Vostock is to be released. However I have been looking at spring set ups and some seem to have one spring (like londiniums) and some seem to have two springs like boscos, and some seem to have no spring! Surely the more springs the better so why is everyone like Londinium and other manufacturers making them still with 1? Does the vostock have t
  8. hello yes im not too sure at the moment. just having a look at all of the other threads around here that talk about choosing a machine.
  9. that's good to hear what grinder do you have?
  10. hello I have been closely following the price of these over the past month or so while I look for a machine that I may want. I have seen these sort of machines go for about 300 minimum so I think fairrecycler is right in his statement.
  11. it looks like a very nice machine. how do you find it handles lighter roasts i read on the londinium forums that the L1 is more aimed to dark roasts do you find this is the case
  12. hello i really like your lever machine (this looks like a early londinium L1), how are you liking it as it is in the runnings for me to buy or a pavoni
  13. its ok mate it happened to me too im not sure why but maybe to make sure we dont do anything and to allow them to help us quickly with any issues because were new?
  14. hello how do you know if your tank is half full? i am unsure on the specifics of the sylvia but I think that an overheated boiler can make things very hottt and cause issues to motherboard so it is not completely out of the question have you looked inside to see if you can see damage to the motherboard yourself?
  15. hello yes I think 50mm is the size of one of the pavonis? i read there is a difference between two types though, a pre 200 model and a post 2000 model
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