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  1. I only have a knockoff blind shaker, but I believe it's about the same size. The distance from the portafilter forks is wayy too small to fit the blind shaker. You might be able to take the forks off and put a stand on the base or something, but I haven't had any issues grinding into the included cup, just might want to cup your hand over the cup when you blow the bellows (even if you don't, I haven't had issues with grinds spraying out)
  2. @Rincewind sorry man, not really following what you're trying to say, is that a question?
  3. First real critique I've got after almost a week of use is that last .5g like has been mentioned earlier. Quite often it goes straight through and there's no issues getting the good ol 18 in - 18 out, but once every now and then there's one last stubborn bean that won't get into the burrs and you'll have to puff away a handful of extra times to get it to grind (which to get almost perfectly 0 retention, isn't much of a problem at all. This is likely just a function of being a flat burr single dose, but still something I have noticed. The portafilter forks work great with a ring st
  4. Something I just accidentally discovered (not sure if @DavecUK can confirm on his) but it has an automatic 45s shutoff, which is kinda nice for the way I have mine setup. Not sure if this is a major selling point for anyone (or a deal breaker) but I thought it was an interesting feature I hadn't heard of about the grinder.
  5. Yeah I was expecting closer to the quoted turnaround of 15 days out the door of the factory and then another week for shipment. The very first shot I ground accidentally at Turkish and it had 2g retention, but after alot of extra bellows I got alot of it out. After that one shot was .1g and the other was zero using 3-4 smacks of the bellows.
  6. I'm actually located in Canada so I wasn't able to order it from any of the EU suppliers. I ordered directly from the Chinese manufacturer Feilai on Alibaba. And with shipping and duties it was $750 CAD I ordered it on the 28th of February, and it shipped about a week ago, so quite good turnaround time from the factory. Also, dealing with the factory was super easy and the sales person was very informative and friendly, highly recommended.
  7. I Ordered mine on Alibaba from the Chinese manufacturer, they didn't have a photo of it on their page so the black was a bit of a shot in the dark, but it really paid off! ... You thought the Fellow Ode was a cheap noname grinder...?
  8. https://imgur.com/gallery/2dCi41P Couldn't figure out the insert from mobile, but here's a link to couple pics of it (one beside my Ode for colour reference, it's not quite as matte, but I think it fits in well enough)
  9. Just got mine today and have been playing with it all morning, super impressed so far, and getting plain black was a great call, looks awesome and matches my fellow stuff very well
  10. Yeah I went into the order thinking they would only sell orders of two, but when I asked it was totally okay for just one (I think they changed the ad after to make it just one). I also asked about customization and they said you had to make a large order (like 100) to have customizations on the colour. Only thing I totally forgot to ask about was if they came with the titanium coated burrs, I guess we'll just have to wait to find out
  11. I ordered mine from Feilai on Alibaba in china, it came up to about $710 CAD, shipping was $120USD (it hurt to see it being so expensive) they also said they would declare it as $150 USD so hopefully no duties
  12. I talked to the supplier in china when I was ordering my own (Canada Based) and they said that this black chrome version was a prototype and they're only making the metal in matte black at the moment
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