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  1. Last preorders sold out within an hour, literally. I wanted one but went with a Eureka as I was fed up waiting, and to be honest I’m happy I went that route...
  2. I got 50% off first order on subscription. Usually get mine from my local coffee shop, but thought I’d take advantage of the offer.
  3. Working on my tulips. 🌷
  4. Needed to top up one of my fav coffee beans for espresso. A great all rounder.
  5. GSaleh

    Flair 58

    The water only comes in contact with the basket, which has low mass. I find that it’s not necessary to preheat using medium to dark roasts. With lighter roasts I preheat the basket by filling with boiling water with puck prepared and discarding the water and filling again. Seems to be enough, but it may also help to preheat the portafilter too.
  6. GSaleh

    Flair 58

    As already mentioned. Cleaning the Robot is really easy and thorough as you have full access to the shower screen to clean after every shot. With the Flair 58, you’ll either have to flush some water through, which isn’t ideal, or take it apart, which again isn’t ideal compared to a Robot.
  7. GSaleh

    Flair 58

    They’ve just announced the price at $529. A bit high IMO.
  8. I’m looking for a couple of 190ml Cappuccino new style ACME & Co EVO cups. Pref in black, but will consider other colours. Edit: just wanted to add that I’ll need the matching saucers.
  9. Once I have my grinder dialled in for espresso, I don’t like messing with it. I’d rather have a separate grinder for coarser grinding and I’ve found that a good hand grinder does a fine job grinding for filter with minimal effort. I understand that the Niche does this better than other grinders, but it’s just too much of a faff for me. Personal preference.
  10. For a similar price you should consider a Specialita for espresso + C40 for filter over a Niche.
  11. I got one with my Mignon XL. Used it for a week then got put back in box. As Dallas said, grounds just stick to it and the only way to clean is to rinse under a tap. I just let the ground drop on my counter now and it’s easily swept away using a cloth. I also keep my grinder away from the front of the counter, and prefer tamping on the edge of the counter top so never really used the tamper stand for tamping.
  12. You should defo look into the Mignon series of grinders. Nice compact form factor with great performance for espresso and up there with the quietest grinders.
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