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  1. Have PM'd for a discount code, although the amount we buy from them you would have thought Richard would have given repeat customers a discount code on their next order?
  2. Had both, still got the 65E and agree with what DavecUK says, the 65E doesn't seem as loud and a lot less high pitch, Oh and no where near as messy
  3. there are a few companies on the Ad banners at the top of the site page the could help, but have found Bella Barista and Espresso underground both very helpful with spares. if its a standard 58mm head then you can get a screen and gasket from most coffee spares suppliers.
  4. (Yesterday) Coffee compass = Peru Inambari Mayo still as Caramel & chocolate tasting as ever. works really nicely as an espresso and flat white + few warmed almond croissants lovely
  5. i still have a 300mm bit in the garage of this that will fit a Royal if anyone needs some?
  6. The Hasbean Michael Flatley tribute auditions weren't going as well as planed!!
  7. Recently went to BB to look for a new set up, the service was first class and Claudette was not just a good sales lady but passionate about what she sells, i left with a Verona and Eureka Mignon, but after about 2 weeks into my new purchases i realised that the Mignon was not the grinder for me, so phoned Claudette and explained that i was not getting on with it too well, she ran through some of the grinders that could suit me better and with out any prompting she offered to do a cost for cost swap, but that i could go away and have a read up on the grinders suggested and to make sure it was what would suit me best, i phoned back the next day and i went to collect the new Zenith 2 days latter, not only did i get to swap the grinders over but was given a few more bags of beens to help season the new grinder in it is very rare and refreshing to come across this level of customer service.
  8. if you want a coating thats slightly harder than titanium you could use DLC = (diamond light coating) would only be around the £100 range foe a one off tamper on a more serious note, i cannot see why these auto tamps are so expensive as you could design one round a wheatstone bridge with display for no more that £80. think its what the market will stand not what they are worth, bit like a scace.
  9. the only problem with waiting for any new machines from Italy, Germany and quite a few other European countries is the whole place goes on holiday for August, so unless a supplier has got them in stock it will be some time in September when most stuff arrives!!
  10. if it was from a certain crappy bugger chain then it will have had very little milk in it, the main constituent parts are potato starch, corn syrup and chemicals, old school friend used to work in labs producing food for them, the best one is that the bits of "apple" in their apple pies were swede because apple breaks down to pulp at the cooking temps they wanted to use
  11. 1. CharlieJ Eureka Mythos( bought used) 2. Eyedee. Eureka Mignon 3. DavecukEureka Zenith 65E (black) 4. Soll. Eureka Mythos ( Almost new condition) 5. CoffeeJohnny Eureka mythos plus used (tamper removed) 6. Totallywired Eureka Mythos (won on here in the raffle) 7 charris Eureka Mignon (bought new) 8. Walter Sobchak - Mythos (Victoria Arduino version) 9. glevum. Eureka Mignon 4 years old from new on 3rd burr set..still loving it 10. Obnic Mignon 4 years old from new. Black and chrome from BellaB. On light duties now using Mini E. 11. Working Dog - Mythos bought used from Coffee Chap 12 ajh101. Mignon bought in excellent condition via cfuk from another member. 13. jcheung - Eureka Zenith 65E (black) 14. c_squared - eureka mdl bought through the forum 15. 16. EWCC - Eureka Mignon Chrome - bought new (show model) at London Coffee Festival 2 months ago 17. Daren - Eureka Mythos ( bought used from Bootsy) 18. old soul song - New orange Mignon 19. M4lcs67 Eureka Mignon (Gloss black) bought from Bella Barista May 2014 20. DrSteve - Eureka Mignon 21. Notbeanbefore - Mignon in red 22. Ralphus84 - Mignon Silver (Ordered from coffeebean on the forum) 23. Phil104 - Mignon in gloss black from Bella Barista and inspired by the pictures that Malc posted (was going to go down the matt black route) 24. Trebor127 - white Eureka Zenith 65E 25. Tewdric - Mignon courtesy of Coffeebean. 26. centaursailing: Eureka Zenith 65E (black): from Bella Barista on forum deal June 2014 27. Hoffmonkey: Eureka Mignon Fully Chrome: from Bella Barista, paid full whack despite trying to charm Claudette into offering a discount! 28. Hazza - black Eureka Zenith 65E 29. Sean - Zenith 65E Black - BB forum deal 30. JohnnyVertex - Eureka Mignon MK2 Instantaneo in Matt Black.. Bella Barista with discount coz I bought a Rocket Giotto as well.... 31. RobD - Eureka Zenith 65E in matt black 32. poolfan - Eureka Mignon in grey, courtesy of clearance deal from happy donkey, as flagged by forum member here, thank you very much. 33. Beanosaurus - Zenith 65E in White w/small hopper. New from dodgy looking eBay listing (UKCoolingSolutions). 34. leoc - Eureka Mignon Mk2
  12. having pulled 2 mazzers apart now = http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?7426-Shock-horror-Photos-of-another-Naked-Royal!! i can say that they are no more or less difficult than any other bearing job on any piece of equipment, but unless you know what your doing its very easy to cock it up. and some bearings come out easier then others. they can all be sods, and while using heat is fine to expand the casing it can also weaken the coating in the motor windings if it get to hot. shot bearings or not the bigest thing i have found with second hand grinders (Mazzers mainly) the burr carrier design leaves a lot to be desired and on the royal the top carrier was cracked and very slightly twisted, plus the threads were cross threaded. so it was quite a few new bits and time before it would work as it should, i have heard of bent motor shafts and any of these will lead to the burrs touching unevenly, you really need to gauge the distance with something like plasticgauge = http://plastigauge.co.uk/ to see if they are touching evenly on flat burrs. a second hand grinder could look OK it may grind as evenly as my granny's teeth
  13. the other option is get a hand grinder for her to use on the decaf and see how long that particular fad lasts on a more serious note, if its for true medical reasons then another grinder like a cheep second hand MC2 or other may be the only long term solution? as to keep cleaning between grinds will drive you and her potty.
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