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  1. Thanks Kjk, great to know about the flow. I've been getting so frustrated expecting the flow to be similar throughout the extraction. Yes thats the coffee, I had the Ethiopian before that, which also has citrus notes. Although in all the shots I've tasted I can taste distinct difference between those that have flowed to fast and been very sour (instant type tingling on the tougue) and a shallow taste and those that have been more rounded and the citrus notes ending in the middle of the mouth. There's just been 1 or 2 that just seem to flow like the honey description the have an a
  2. Haha! That sounds exactly like me with the 2006 classic I bought off eBay which said 'stored for a few years, tested as working as of the 18th feb'. The OPV pressure gauge, seals, PID and cleaning kit all arrived before the machine itself (which combined all cost more). Ok it needed a good clean and de-scale, but I'm more than happy with it.. I just took the same philosophy and bought a 1999 Honda Goldwing unseen for a Grand Tour type Scottish highlands road trip in may! (Wrong topic, wrong forum, I know!) Can I be lucky twice!! 🤣😂😆 At least I have luggage room for the GC! 😆
  3. Thanks for the suggestions and info.. Thought I'd follow up with some more details. Sourness: This has improved massively in the last bag of beans (Argyll Coffe Roasters Brazilian). (A recommendation I would have in hindsight would be to start with a 1kg bag of beans to give time to learn the taste profile and the subtle changes the different recipes makes to taste, otherwise like me you just start to get somewhere and the beans run out and it's like starting over with new bag, which gets frustrating). This is also after adjusting the OPV and the depth of the distribution tool. I've had
  4. Ive had my GC for a couple of weeks now and I'd say in 2 bags of beans I've had 1 ok shot. I generally make it into a flat white so not all that coffee was wasted, however, I've always tasted everyshot before adding milk so I can get used to adjusting the sour / bitter taste profiles, mouth feel and the like. What a learning curve, generally most shots have had sourness except a few. For other newbies like me, if you struggle to differentiate, then from my basic knowledge so far sourness is fairly instant as you first taste the espresso, you feel it on your tounge.. like a slight fizzine
  5. I feel like I timed the purchase of my 2006 Classic off eBay a couple of weeks ago for £121.25 quite well now! .. Very pleased with it so far!
  6. Delivered today, roasted 8th March! They don't get much fresher than that! Cant wait to try them.
  7. I just finished my hopper. I purged 3 grams of decaf through and thought I'd single grind a 15g dose. 2.5 on the scale 8.7sec. 15.5g in 15.1g out.
  8. Unfortunately, it's not just the caffine in Coffee that causes issues, although I have some fresh roasted Decaf beans from Argyll Coffee Roasters, and they just started roasting a new Ugandan White Falls Decaf bean which I am keen to order. However I just placed an order for some Brazilian and Tanzanian beans so it will need to wait for the next one. There's some interesting studies on how your body reacts to coffee and these specific areas. Decaf was shown only to be 10% less reactive which shows the caffine is only a small part of what causes a reaction unfortunately.
  9. Thanks Kjk, yes I understand that. What I was trying to ask was with a piece of coffee trapped between the burrs, which would stop them moving closer together would this prevent any movement of the grind adjuster (assuming the grinder is not running), even if it was turned with more force than is normally needed? Just trying to understand why moving the adjuster to a coarse grind setting and then back to the exact same position used previously would yield different results. (If the adjuster is directly linked with no slack in the adjuster, the burrs should return to the same position. If coffe
  10. Thanks Kjk, I've read that in a few posts now. Generally I'll just dial in a bag and leave it, I do like trying new coffee's though. After the last couple of days of over caffinating tweaking this and that I need a break. My IBS plays up with to much coffee. Bit of a pain as I just want to experiment.
  11. Just a thought. As I've not tried it and don't know the answer. But does the adjuster refuse to move if there was a blockage or is there clutch type mechanism to allow the adjuster to move but not move the burrs with enough pressure to prevent damage if you were to force it? I was just thinking if there was it would explain the vastly different grind settings for the same bean when adjusting fine for espresso to coarse and back to fine again without running the grinder.
  12. Thanks waitforme, I was wondering how I'd grind for filter aswell. Sounds like a good tip with the hopper stopper. Your grind setting seems very fine compared to mine though..Although it's seems there's quite a variety between individual machines.
  13. I was reading there was a seemingly bad batch of grinders recently they were taking longer to grind etc... My new Specializa (2 days old) grinds 15 grams in 8.3 secs set at 2.8 ish on the grind scale. Your grinder seems to be taking quite a long time. The unit shipped with 9 seconds being a double so I would expect small variables around this. 18 secs for 15 grams sounds similar to those that I was reading were the bad batch so it might be worth checking with the retailer you purchased from that your machine is working properly.
  14. Finally my birthday arrived with a Minion Specializa! I decided to try dialling in my first beans (Argyll Coffee Roasters, Rwanda). Initially in the factory setting of 3. I've tweaked it slight finer to around 2.8. It's grinding 15grams in 8.3 secs and retained on .5 grams after only my 2nd shot. So I'm very happy with that and it's so much quieter than what I'm used to. In the cup I'm getting 30grams out in 30 secs. (Gaggia Classic). Does this all sound about a good starting point? Or is that a bit of a long pour for a 30g shot? Tastes much better (way less sour than my old blade
  15. Just bought a 2006 Classic on eBay for £134 including postage. Totally standard, arrived today needed a good clean but works great. Already modded the steam wand and OPV. Very happy.
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