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  1. It's been very well worth it in my experience!
  2. Wow what an effort! I'm also exploring all the possible mods for the GC at the moment and this is very impressive. This seems like the most difficult/technically challenging of all of them so I'll wait until my other experiments are all finished before considering it.
  3. I think the post you're quoting is from 2016 so possibly images are broken. Check out the current products here: https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/pid-kits
  4. 1) I have 2 Gaggia Classics that I've been working on, 1 with PID (and other mods) and 1 without. The one with PID I've had superior results with so I would say yes it is worth it. How much benefit you get of course depends on your ability to temperature surf but why not solve one more bit of faff and get better results knowing one variable is taken care of? Regarding age - personally I think the GCs are built like tanks and that it is amazing to have my hands on a machine that is so user serviceable compared to the average stuff with closed systems and hard to obtain parts/pcbs that
  5. Aerspeed has the positive of equalling the Slim Plus for capacity while being shorter and therefore fitting the Aeropress plunger better - so that is another thing in its favour. That all sounds very encouraging for Aerspeed! I was also looking at the Nano as it is shorter, but the bean capacity seems lower than the Aerspeed. That's really not great! Just so I'm sure - would you put this down to poor QC with yours or a fallibility of the design? I'm guessing the latter but some people seem quite happy with them so wondered if perhaps some tighten better than others. So far all sig
  6. Ahhh I see. I was talking about the pressure when making coffee though there is a minor instability in general because of the pulsing from the PID. I'm keeping the Invensys because it was in shoddy condition and don't want to sell that on when I sell my spare machine in case it leaks again. If it fails the plan is to replace it with a ULKA since the BoostBox can easily be adjusted to work with those anyway. Good to know that those are more serviceable/stable.
  7. Interesting - I only have a sample size of 1 machine with each pump but anecdotally the light brown Invensys is working very well in terms of noise/consistency. I will try it out side by side against the ULKA model to try and gauge it later. Regarding pump vibration dampening, I have these on order https://www.ferrari-espresso.com/product/ulka-pump-square-damper-ex-ep-ek-ea/ and will report back if they make a difference. I have a lot of silicone going spare so might try adding some of that for good measure, though I am already at a point where the noise doesn't bother me at all!
  8. Hey guys, Just wondered about some of the parts that are less common re the GC. 1) Is the pump fuse - I was watching a Whole Latte Love video on changing pump and they recommended getting one of these. https://www.ferrari-espresso.com/product/pump-protector-thermostat/ They seem to be installed as standard on newer machines but neither the 2003 or 2013 I've been working on has one. I guess they are a fuse to stop the pump overheating but if you are only using it within specification (1 minute max/90 sec recover) is there any reason to bother with this? 2) Drip Tray Support Grid
  9. I think it's worth doing - if you got the machine secondhand (I've recently done 2 for the first time) you will get to understand the components. You'll need to get familiar with the guts of the machine anyway to install the BoostBox and as it stands you won't know when the seals were last done or if everything is working correctly with the core machine if you don't. I also recommend the seller that @PACMAN did - Simon is very helpful and carries convenient kits (go for the silicone/viton upgraded options and silicone group gasket!) The steam wand does tend to leak in steam mode a bit as
  10. Hey guys, looking to get some opinions on which to buy from these hand grinders. I have a Crono for dedicated espresso grinding but I prefer to leave the timer and adjustment wheel well alone once it is dialled in. Looking to get a hand grinder for brew methods including V60/clever/aeropress, particularly for travel so it is a plus that both of these fit inside the plunger of the aeropress. I would pretty much never be grinding for espresso with it hence why the Aerspeed is in the running rather than Aergrind (if the marketing is to be believed). More adjustment in the brew range is desir
  11. I had the same idea! Please do so and I would be happy to post all my settings there as to be honest I am still trying to understand what a lot of them do. I just went with the MrShades suggested ones as a starting point and have only tinkered with the ones I understand.
  12. So, the V3 kit from Ferrari Espresso is ordered as is a new stainless top plate to get rid of the damaged one. Just debating whether to go with the teflon pipe and angled bracket in their kit or whether to attempt to bend the existing pipe as many others have! Thinking to attempt it with the solid pipe as logically that seems like it would have better heat retention and longevity - if I failed I could then go with the bits in the kit. The only down side is if I manage to ruin the pipe there wouldn't be scope to go back to V2 should it be needed as that part seems difficult to ge
  13. Also curious about that. Reading your post I guessed the same as several other people responding. While tweaking my own PID I got some bitter shots but lowering the temperature fixed it very quickly - I suspected it might happen because I had gone back to MrShades recommended values which were running hotter than the previous owner had set. Running mine on 90c with 8 deg offset and getting good results there (mid-dark roast beans) but need to experiment more.
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