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  1. Do you know where I would be able to find one of the new units?
  2. I've been trying to get my hands on a Wilfa Uniform for the last couple of months and all of my orders have fallen through. So now I'm looking for reccommations for a grinder that it's actually possible to get my hands on in the UK. I mainly brew V60, so that will be the focus. I have an old Gaggia Cubika that I'm about to crack out of storage so it would be nice to be able to grind for espresso every now and then. That was one of the advantages of the Uniform over the Svart. All I have right now is a Hario Skerton Plus with an upgrade kit and I'm a bit tired of grinding manually.
  3. Bumping this as my order fell through with Gold Box Roastery. Any other suggestions? As an aside, I had a pretty bad experience with Gold Box Roastery. The grinder appeared to be in stock on their site. I attempted to call them, message them on facebook and email them to check the stock before placing an order but I was unable to speak to anyone. I went ahead and purchased the grinder - I got an automated email saying that my order had been placed but then didn't hear anything else. After calling multiple numbers and speaking to one guy who seemed to be involved in the business on the pho
  4. I did a little messing around with the requests to their store and it looked like thay did indeed have two in stock. I've ordered one so now so hopefully I can get my hands on it soon! Nice one, it sounds like my expectations are in line with your experience. I don't have a real espresso machine so in the future if I get myself a proper machine then I'll get an espresso-specific grinder.
  5. Nice one, I haven't seen that site before. I was looking at the list of approved Wilfa stockists. It's quite a bit more expensive that Jurang but might be worth it since supply is so scarce at the moment!
  6. I had a pre-order with Jurang for a Wilfa Uniform (not the plus). They were supposed to be getting stock in this week but they got in touch today to say that Wilfa are having issues and they probably won't get any stock in until May. They have refunded me. I'm looking for an alternative that's in stock somewhere in the UK. Price between £200-300. Right now I only have a Hario Skerton Plus hand grinder with the BlueHorseProducts upgrade kit. I liked the idea of the Uniform because I mostly drink V60 at home but I do have an old Gaggia Cubika machine. From what I understand the Uniform
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