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  1. Am actually in Frimley Green myself, we have a nice little coffee shop, but then my opinion of coffee is quite different now to pre lockdown (my opinion of it may not be so high when it reopens). Yes Guildford is the closest, we are blessed with a lot of local roasters around here.
  2. Just a quick hi from a medium time lurker. Joined when i was originally reading the (entire) Decent machine thread. Currently have Delonghi B2C for espressos. V60, Clever, and Kalita Wave pourovers and Hario hand grinder. Niche on order for June and future purchase or either Linea Mini/Decent.
  3. Maybe i'm not qualified to comment on this as a home user, but it seems unnecessary, if i'm an unscrupulous character and i walk up to a espresso station, i am not far more likely to grab the tamper, acai scale, 2kg of coffee or some of the much easier to steal things (and i haven't seen chained versions of these), it's not like the tablet is grab and go, would still be difficult to remove unless you are in front of the machine.
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