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  1. Yes I’m sorry for my spellings.
  2. I just look at your posts baffo, I’m not sure you ever had an espresso and now you are trying to bully a new member.
  3. Oh I see what you are doing, this is very meen.
  4. I found it. Coffee Italia, perfetto!
  5. I’m not sure my message working. Thinking where to buy machine? Who is the seller
  6. Ok, makes sense. Who do I buy machines from? Is it the Dave
  7. I have a question. I see the minima is the recommended machine however I note a for sale post was taken down because of lack of interest. Why is this the case if it is the best machine available? I found the videos very helpful thanks and certainly seems to be able to do everything very well.
  8. Understood baffo, thank you.
  9. Apologies my wife said I sound rude with this message.
  10. I choose between the minima and the rocket but will need a cheap grinder
  11. I watch the man who stroke the pussy, he scary no?
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