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  1. No worries. So for me its mostly the timer switch switches on but not off so if you need to add a gram or two to the basket you have to use the power switch as the on off. Which really isn’t a problem or annoying but I just worry that over time it may age the switch prematurely. The only other issue I have is it dials left for fine and right for course which is the opposite to my cafes and other grinders I’m used too. Lefty loosey makes sense in my head for a courser grind but it’s the reverse here. So again not really an issue just turned it the wrong way a couple times but my brain usually sharpens up after I’ve tasted the first shot haha.
  2. I have a Mignon crono, as I had a similar budget. A few weaknesses but none in terms of grind quality for the price. Especially paired with your machine. The grinder is quite handsome looking too.
  3. The new double anerobic Colombian from Crankhouse is amazing. The tasting notes are spot on. Lots of cinnamon aromatic and brandy tastes. It’s boozy but in a ‘actually tastes of brandy’ way then the kind of fermented aromatic that i associate with boozyness or as my GF says it tastes like farm. Haha. Anyway amazing coffee on filter. Don’t think I have enough to dial in for a spro but might risk it.
  4. Amazing. I bought a bag. It’s a really delicious and fruity boozy as a pour over too. I’ve nearly finished it actually and tbh will probably get another bag before it’s gone.
  5. Thank you! I did actually see you had been through the same and did contemplate messaging you directly, wasn’t sure if that’s even a thing round these parts but thank you I really appreciate it! Will deffo take a look at getting the IMS screen and want to change the portafilter ASAP beyond the obvious reasons aesthetically it feels brutish compared the rest of the machine! Cheers!
  6. Hey all! I recently got a factory refurbed 06 New Baby, very happy with it so far. I have been looking around on the forum to see what mods are available but with the slight models variations seem to have slightly different mods available. I understand it’s not quite as easily modded as the Classic but wondered if anyone has done any specific mods to the 06 New Baby and what they were. New are steam arm and standard basket are already covered. As is grinder. This is just a bit of fun for me as I mostly enjoy pour overs at home as my partner has a cafe. Anyway hope you’re all having a good evening if you read this. Cheers. ☺️
  7. Would love to know how it is! My brother is doing a Sunday residency at a local cafe and is getting a new kilo each week. A bargain would be great while they build up the custom!
  8. Plot killing it at the moment!
  9. It’s just been put on guest espresso so I know what I’m doing on Monday haha.
  10. I believe Crankhouse is down to the very last of the Mandela too. I think I went through 4 bags of it. Incredible coffee. Had anyone heard of anyone getting anything from Finca Hartman this year? I Still dream of the Rocky Mountain lot 6 from a couple years back.
  11. Awesome. I’ll take a look! Thanks.
  12. I suppose I don’t really mean consistent. I suppose I mean less honed. Like with any new thing I guess it just takes a while to get those little things that make the difference for your personal taste if you know what I mean. So far my recipe I enjoy is 15g 260 filtered water 40g bloom, 35 seconds 1 pour to 150g and let drain 2nd pour to 260, with a swirl at the halfway drain point. 2.45-3mins total. I love trying others recipes though. Just not enough days to get through them all haha! Have a great evening.
  13. I recently got a Kalita. Have been having great fun playing around with it. Not found a recipe as consistent as my V60 yet. Thanks for sharing though guys!
  14. I went for the Hydro, love boozy naturals. Very excited for it.
  15. Thanks! Appreciate it. ☺️
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