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  1. Ohh interesting! But the size of the basket of you need is down to preference of taste which can change bean to bean right? Do most people have multiple sized baskets? or find they prefer it at a sized measure and always work from that? Thanks for all the responses!
  2. but why would you have different sizes. surely a 22g can be used for 18g etc. If there a benifit for them ? S
  3. Hi guys, slightly out of context but looking at getting a bottomless portafilter: https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/bottomless-portafilter-with-walnut-wooden-handle-smooth---for-gaggia-classic-classic-pro Based on the comments is worth getting a filter basket as well? and if so how do you choose the size of it? https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/filter-baskets-and-showerscreens/ims-baristapro-precision-filter-basket-58mm
  4. Thanks will do, i saw somewhere it said to do 5-10g that sound about right to you as well? Hi! i did not know that... There is no date on the packet but im sure i read it was refreshly roasted for the order. I literally just moved into a air sealed container (A Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister if that matters). Based on what your saying! should i not do that and leave them out for a few days? ie for a new bag thats freshly roasted you should: Get a new bag Open the bag and leave it in a stable place (ie no temp changes or sunlight) for 10-14 days Start using i
  5. Thanks all! will go finer in the grind tomorrow and try and take some pics see! and post results Thanks to everyone for the quick replies S
  6. Hey all Pic of basket: Image after coffee has been poured (Theres no water or mess after which i read was a good thing! Dont think it matters here but just to add as i dont know Thanks! will give the coin trick a go when i try a finer grain! (Today was first day trying it on fresh beans and ive had 4 already not.. not sure how many i can take without losing all hope of sleep tonight haha Its this one: https://www.cworks.co.uk/collections/home-featured-collection/products/blend-1 arrieved yesterday and grinded same time as i did the cof
  7. Hi Thansk for the quick replies! My bad! just checked im already 1.x (see pic!) not 2 What does `chock my machine at 1.3` mean? As i guess i might be at that point?
  8. Hi all! Im new to the home barista world. im finding my espresso is being made in around 10 seconds which from what ive ready is silly fast im clearly doing something wrong! any able to assist!? Gear: Machine: gaggia classic pro Coffee beans: https://www.cworks.co.uk/collections/home-featured-collection/products/blend-1 Im using one of the baskets that comes with the machine (The one with most holes in the bottom for lack of a techincal term (sorry!)) Grinder: 1Zpresso JX Pro (Set to 2.0) Timemore Black Mirror Steps to make Coffee: Gri
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