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  1. I opened a bag of these today, and I'm struggling to get any flavour out of them. However, if i go any finer or increase the qty the machine chokes up. I suspect it's my sub par machine (ESAM4200 B2C and modded KG79 grinder) rather than the beans though. It's 9 days after they where roasted, and i'm using them in a latte. Should I try and keep dialling them in, or just let them rest another week?
  2. Hi Gokhan You only need to empty the grind bin when the light stays on (ie. not flashing) When the grind bin light flashes, it means there is no coffee in the brew unit. This can be due to the following: - Your machine is out of beans (although i'm guessing you would of already noticed if this is the case) - You have the machine in "pre-ground coffee" mode and have not added any pre-ground coffee in the chute. You will encounter this problem if you have your coffee size dial turned too far anti-clock wise. - You have your grind size set too fine, and as a result no
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