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  1. For me as well, choice was between Niche and this grinder, and the G-iota won on price, availability as well as business model (something feels wrong about how they claim each buyer gets the "same" retail price, and they just cash in their gains when selling abroad while we pay extra VAT). I really doubt that flat vs conical is really a big deciding factor for the buyers as this G-iota price point is more targeted as entry-level espresso grinder, so the buyers probably won't have a definite opinion yet.
  2. Maybe they've done some upgrades in materials used, which could explain the weight variances. It seems @DavecUK's version had plastic areas whereas I think the Belgian supplier said it was powder coated metal (front central area with the chute, and the base). I might be doing some wishful thinking, but if it's true, I guess it's even better
  3. Am I really the only one liking the plastic dosing cup? This seems so much more functional. If I still see some grounds on the cup, I tap it a bit more. If the grounds are uneven on the PF, I shake it to even it. I've seen some people complaining about the steel Niche cup that there were often grounds still stuck in it afterwards, this transparent one solves it for me
  4. Not asking for it to be deleted, but I did create an account to reply because I am very interested in this specific grinder, and I have been trying to filter the info that is actually about the DF64 amongst posts that are debating burr shapes and size. @DavecUK left out the whole conical/flat debate from his first replies for a reason. This is an age old debate that will never be settled, and is better discussed in specific topics.
  5. You guys are going way off-topic here, This post is to discuss this new grinder updates and tests, not debate about flat vs conical.
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