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  1. Ahhh, I had forgotten about water first, I remember seeing that now, thanks for the reminder. Filtering is about four/five minutes. I always thoroughly rinse the thing, clean out the valve, the lot. The grind setting is that recommended by the manufacturer for a clever dripper, and I have tried pretty much every setting , the manufacturer recommendation holds true. The grinder may be an issue, it was only £100, so very cheap. It is the time it takes to filter through I am fed up with, the coffee is nice enough, I am still trying different roasteries to find a favourite bean. I will try the water first, and if that works, I will look into a better grinder and not go for the machine. Helpful advice, thanks.
  2. I am fully aware of the importance of a good grinder, it is the machine I would like some guidance on.
  3. Hi all, Some time ago, following advice from this forum, I started making my coffee properly. Initially I have been using a clever dripper and a cheap grinder and the results have been fine. I am, however, very bored with all the faff. As I like my Americano in a mug, I use about 22g of coffee, and it takes an age to filter through, and yes, I am using the correct grind size! I also have a reverse osmosis machine, and it has made a massive difference, I drink no other water now. So, I think it is time to go for an espresso machine, but I simply have no idea where to go. I only drink americano, so no need for any milk frothing. I do not drink espresso. Cost is not a problem, happy to spend if the quality is there. I certainly do not want cheap, you get what you pay for if you choose wisely, it is quality I want. I prefer not to go for bean to cup, if only the size, I do not have a large kitchen. Can anyone recommend a good quality espresso machine, £1,000 is fine if it is worth it? I can probably find a decent grinder, but the machine, there are so many options it is almost impossible to make a judgement. Thank you.
  4. So this is common, and the best solution is to run through about 50 or so litres and that horrible taste should go?
  5. Hi, As the title states, the water from my Osmio Zero is pretty awful, a nasty metallic taste. I only received it yesterday, and did the required five litre flush, which was more like eight litres, and the water is pretty unpleasant, with a strong metallic taste. My dripper has not arrived yet, but using this water in my Nespresso leaves a nasty metallic aftertaste as well, and the coffee tastes of almost nothing. Has anyone else had similar problems with this machine? I do not want to send it back, but unless this is only something that happens for a day or so after new filters, it will have to. The water is undrinkable, and the coffee tasteless.
  6. Nope, I still cannot get a screenshot or pdf into a message. I cannot get that little horizontal paperclip symbol, nor do I get a box with "other media". Is the insertion of pictures only after a certain number of posts? ZK513.pdfOh, seem to have managed it
  7. Yes, you rather confirm my thoughts. I did not realise today was a bank holiday, I have been very ill for over three years (coming out of it now), and completely lost track of days. I will phone the company on Tuesday for a quick chat, I rather suspect I may need to change the filters every four to five months, my water has a ph of 8.4. In the relevant thread, it was mooted the company were somewhat over-cautious in replying to the query of a member of this forum who had hard water, but I am sure a quick chat will clarify matters. Edit: How do you get a photo into a message?
  8. Hi all, Well, after my first post several days ago, I have not been idle. After many, many hours of research, reading, videos, blogs etc. I have finally decided on a clever dripper as I prefer it to the V60, and if I do not like it, then at the price it is no problem. The grinder is the Eureka Mignon XL 65 (from Bella B), I wanted 65mm, and did not want to spend less now only to upgrade in six months. It is referred to in the forums, and seems a good buy, and if I do move to a machine later, I am covered. I should add I only drink americano, no espresso and definitely no milk, so the dripper seems ideal, and was recommended as was a good grinder. The beans I will look into, that is not a problem. If I have got it all wrong, feel free to say! Where I would really appreciate help is with water. My tap water is, for coffee purposes as much use as brewing with water from a stagnant pond, if not worse. To start with I think I will get a few bottles of Volvic, (all I can find is mineral water, is that ok?). I would like to go down the route of a reverse osmosis counter top set up. I read the review by Davecuk for the Osmio Zero, which looks ideal, if it is going to produce good water with the minerals needed, and the crap removed. So here I would really appreciate any comments please. Tap water is out of the question. I tried to post the table from my water company into this post, but I can't work out how to do it, so if someone tells me how, I will do so. I am not keen on bottled water, I do not believe the bottles are all recycled properly, and I hate plastic anyway. I do not want anything that integrates into the pipes, counter-top please, and I would also use it as drinking water, so it will get plenty of use. I should stress I do not want to remove everything, I want healthy water that tastes fine and makes good coffee. I am also looking into home roasting, but one step at a time. I need this headache from all the research to go away first! Thanks guys.
  9. Thank you everyone for such helpful advice. I now know what to research and read up about. I may look into some kind of mains water PH reduction, as scaling is a massive issue anywhere there is water, so it would not be a bad thing to look into. I was thinking of some kind of filter from what I had read on here before. What surprised me because I had no idea, was the importance of the grinder, and that is something I will look into. Really helpful advice everyone, thank you.
  10. Hello everyone. I have joined this forum and read through some of the posts as I would like to buy the correct machine for what I want, and I am totally confused with so much information! I have never had a machine that produces coffee that has a different taste for different types, it all tastes the same. So if I want Blue Mountain, I am wasting my money, and I do want this from time to time. I only drink Americano, no espressos and certainly no milk, so I am not interested in frothing anything. I am no fan of a thick crema either, just a light covering. I drink my coffee from a mug, so I may well need two brews each time, that however is not a deal-breaker. The water in my area is close if not the hardest in the country, out of the tap a PH of 8.3, which may be an issue, I just do not know. I can pay up to £2,000 if necessary, but I must get what I want for that. I was thinking of a good bean to cup machine, but I read here about the importance of proper grinding, and grinders costings £100s of pounds. I have also read that a filter machine may do what I want as long as I get a good grinder. I am totally confused. In short, if I buy Ethiopian coffee, it tastes different from Columbian, Brazilian is different from Kenyan etc. Do I need an expensive machine for very good quality black coffee, bearing in mind I would not want to pay for a steamer for frothing, I will not use it. Help please!
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