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  1. This sounds really interesting, I'm a coffee roaster with a scientific background but know little about computers. Data is always useful provided it is good data and you have enough of it. My initial thoughts would be how to standardise the data you collect, for instance different makes of coffee roaster will have temp probes in different spots so the readings for bean temp will vary ( I use several roasters for different jobs and they need slightly different techniques). Mass, time etc are relatively constant so should be trouble free but important points like first crack are again subje
  2. You will almost certainly need something from the council if you're on public land. Might get away with it if on private property, for instance a company car park. Depending on the council you may be able to get started and then apply retrospectively. What I can say for sure is that we supply several mobile units and for the last few months they have been ridiculously busy so if you're in a position to get going quick before the majority of the shops re-open then go for it because you'll get a good start to your cashflow. Good luck!
  3. Just spotted this, if you end up in Devon talk to Sanremo, they're based there and I can vouch for the machines.
  4. Yep you get different burrs for the three phase ones, a and b after the number. to be honest I'm just going to try it and see. It also gets hot after grinding 20 kilos of coffee in an afternoon and anything I can do to reduce that will improve the coffee and probably extend its lifespan.
  5. Three phase is always preferable if you have it in the building, the motors will run smoother, cooler and hopefully grind a bit quicker. It's like the difference between a one cylinder and a three cylinder engine.
  6. Not 100% no but looks like space for three phases and capacator delaying single phase into one of the three. If I look like Albert Einstein tomorrow you are right:)
  7. Currently about to try this and wondered if anyone else has. The spec sheets for these grinders list two outputs for single and three phase so I dug in the and had a look and I reckon my standard Major shop grinder can take three phase which may save me a lot of money buying a huge great big ditting three phase beastie (or at least delay the purchase). Will report back how mine goes but if anyone has done this and can give me any tips I'd much appreciate.
  8. I went through this recently when some cheapo chinese ones died, did a bit of research and bought what I thought were made in Britain ones and when it arrived, made in China on the back. My takeaway was that electronics are pretty much all the same.. If you're interested the brand was Marsden and it has been working fine so far.
  9. We use these - you have three presets, usually one for single, one for double and a spare. We set the spare to about three seconds and use that for a purge between grind changes. 200g is a bit over the top, maybe they meant 10-20g?
  10. There are broadly two types of people who sell coffee machines: 1. Box shifters who will disappear after the sale. 2. Coffee roasters who want their coffee to taste good so sell and maintain machinery. Ask what happens when/if it goes wrong and also since you are going to be spending a lot of money, pick something which you find beautiful. Oh one last thing, shot timers.
  11. Quite important to remember that noone ever tries something for the first time and totally nails it, extracting coffee is tricky, we all enjoy differerent tastes and the beans themselves are varied and volatile. It takes time to work out what you enjoy and the fiddling and experimenting along the way are part of the fun. I'd advise staying away from acidic east African stuff for instance and aim more towards solid South or Central Americans to start with as these are more forgiving, then play around a bit and see what you like and go from there. Sounds like you are getting a wee bit
  12. We have been testing various grinders for years and these are currently what we send out with a basic setup. They're reasonably priced, quick, the grind is perfectly fine, and last of all the menu means you can adjust the dose quickly and easily without having to press lots of buttons or do the press-and-hold thing which is a pain. One thing we have been meaning to try out is the hopper with the puffer thing built in to clear out any leftover coffee from the burrs/spout, if anyone has got round to this I'd like to hear about it. Thumbs up from us.
  13. Hi folks, have just signed up here as I'm trying to connect with coffee type people. We are commercial roasters, installers, trainers etc and are looking to expand our team based in the Borders of Scotland. I have looked around and I can't find a jobs section, is it worth putting one in? All best, R
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