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  1. Did a check right? Heat it all the way up till steam temperature. Got the top open while I do it. Disconnected the power, went to check the continuity. brew thermostat is closed and steam thermostat is open. So either it failed or is not siting properly. either way that's the problem
  2. Okay, so this thermometer isn't great, it needs a lot of depth of liquid. But it measured 90ºC on the liquid. Did another test with temperature surfing. It came out a bit hot again but okaywish, I've done it better. But I do notice. as soon as the temperature light switches on, if I switch the steam switch, it stays on 🤔 I think I'm not escaping at least getting a thermostat
  3. Honestly I probably have enough hardware to make a PID kit 😂 I think I just don't have high voltage comutators. I might consider that just for the fun of it. I will check out the water temperature later.
  4. Hi @Deegee, thanks for the input. There's a lot going on here so I am ordering the coffee that I had good results and is freshly roasted. The video there is a coffee roasted in october. I have used it fresh before, I went to get it since it's available in the market. I was having a weird issue with a particular coffee I was trying that was very weird. The water out of the group seems way too hot recently, by touch. I have checked with a frothing thermometer which should work until 100ºC. It seems just 80-90ºC. But I will check again, it really felt it way too hot today. I proba
  5. Hi everyone, I got a gaggia recently. starting from a week ago or so, the espresso comes out with lots of bubbles, like it's boiling. Like it's a very noticeable volume increase on how it comes out of the filter (as in just how it looks, not necessarily that too much is coming out). I do notice it coming out hotter. If I try to temp surf it doesn't look as bad? I actually was able to get a normal looking brew out of it. I opened it up and the brew termostat does seem to be a bit loose, as in the plastic part seems not fiting well on the metal housing, it spins and it does have some bac
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