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  1. I think it’s probably welded and then filled. An impressive set of mods. Cheers. Bill
  2. He seems to have made a couple of cuts to the body, and then turned part of it around. I guess there’s a fair amount of filler under the paint! Cheers Bill
  3. Looking at the springs in this diagram http://www.astramgroup.com/EspressoGrinders/Parts/Mazzer/MAZZER_MZ02.htm# they look fairly substantial - and possibly work against the screws that are, I guess, used to adjust the alignment of the lower burr. If this is the case, the angle of the machine might not impact the alignment. It would be interesting to hear from others who have worked on these machines. Do please bear in mind I’m assuming this from looking at drawings. Got started thinking about a modified Mazzer when I was too slow to order a Niche a couple of weeks ago! C
  4. Hi @Baffo I was wondering about the springs, but I guess they are having to counteract the pressures associated with grinding beans - probably making the gravity effects rather small in comparison. Do you have one of these machines to have a look? Cheers Bill
  5. I’ll take the tamper at asking please. Thanks Bill
  6. If you do a Google search for Mazzer Major Mod it comes up - it’s painted white with some wood trimmed controls.
  7. Has anyone tried the mods that a chap in Greece has done - he chopped the bottom off a Major (at an angle) and turned it round and I guess welded it back together, ground out the chute, added a 'shaker' funnel, plus speed control. Tons of work, but it has got me wondering ... Cheers. Bill
  8. So I guess a couple of weeks to wait.
  9. Thanks. I’m on the mailing list, but last time I didn’t get in quickly enough as I thought they’d be around for at least a few days - how wrong I was! Cheers. Bill
  10. Do Niche make batches available every month? I missed out on the last offering. Cheers. Bill
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