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  1. This has been my experience with the niche too. I just don't get the claims that flavours are lost. I wondered if it's specific to filter, which is why I'm going to try and compare in that format.
  2. @MediumRoastSteam got in there first, the niche burrs are from a mazzer Kony, also a commercial grinder and almost certainly designed with espresso in mind... I agree that someone was confused with certain concepts! 😉😆
  3. That's not my experience with the niche though, I can pick out fruit notes of they are there but the shot is more rounded in general. I find the flats put the spotlight on a particular flavour (not necessarily the one you want) and it dominates and tweaking parameters will not help balance it. Whereas with the niche, it seems more reactive to adjustments to the parameters. It does depend on the flavour profile of course, usually blueberries in particular are pleasant, even with milk but yellow fruits, cranberries are just to intense at least in an espresso. Obviously this is just to my taste. I think comparing the burrs of the major and niche is fine, they're both espresso focused and useability is important. I've got 5 different bags on the freezer that I switch between on the niche and it's a breeze, just wouldn't bother trying on the major. I think it would be OK for filter as the shoddy adjustment mechanism won't need such fine adjustment for that.
  4. Also, I just couldn't use a flat burr grinder that uses the mazzer style adjustment ring any more, might be fine for filter. DF64 looks like its the same, no idea how easy it is to make micro adjustments on it. Getting vaguely back on topic, the weber adjustment method looks much better and repeatable, so could get on board with that if I could justify spending that sort of money on a grinder and deemed that flat burrs were worth it.
  5. It was a medium roast but quite a fruity blend, so thought it might be a good one for the flats. Thing is, there definitely a difference but it's just like a remember with my SJ and mini, there is clarity there with flats but if there's a prominent flavour, it's very intense there's just no toning it down and it's overpowering, whereas the niche rounds things out, just feels more balanced. I'm going to buy a few light roast filters and compare in that format instead, though I'm no expert when it comes to filter but plan to visit a local cafe that specialises in light roast and sell the coffee they brew so should know what I'm shooting for.
  6. All this hype about flat burrs made me cave, took the mazzer major out of the cupboard that I've never used, aligned the burrs (god, what an awful waste of 2 hours) and pulled some side by side shots with my niche and I still don't get all this hype about flat burrs. The niche was so bloody lovely to use in comparison and tasted better imo. You can all keep your crappy flat burrs! 😅
  7. It didn't appear to have integrated scales on the video and as mentioned - no need for it. Fair enough if it's got a hopper as it would be a way of controlling the dose weight. It's nice looking, sounds like they want to put a lot more time in and make it better still. I like Acaia. I like that they offer software updates on their old scales to improve features, they are the only manufacturer I'd buy expensive scales from for sure.
  8. They just did a long, live video on Instagram. Said that the app could potentially adjust the motor rpm, don't know if that means the adjustability is already there or something they may add. It had a system built into the carriers to align the burrs with screws to avoiding having to shim with foil. Same laborious process but at least no foil to dislodge every time you make an adjustment. Looks a more reasonable size to the Weber grinders one seen in person, it would look better in the home environment. A lot of money for 64mm ssp burrs imo. Just get a use mazzer or df64 and spend some time aligning.
  9. I'm afraid that I haven't attempted to brew light roast espresso. I do enjoy light roast filter but not espresso, I find it too intense. There are facebook groups with thousands of members for both robots and flairs who can advise. I think that light roasts are possible on the robot but rely on good temperature management and good grinders. In my opinion, many of the robot and flair owners are new to espresso and have limited experience and cannot compare their shots to a more expensive machine with PID temperature and (if more high end) flow control. They might *think* they are getting good results but really they need to try the same coffee made at a cafe or by someone who knows how to make it well to truly compare. Personally, if you're not put off by the flair aesthetics and price increase and think there's any chance you might end up wanting light roasts then the flair is probably the better option. My girlfriend is short (5 foot) and she struggles to use the robot, both seeing over the top to view the pressure gauge and to reach brew pressures. The robot is uncomfortable to use if you don't have meaty hands. I have large, strong hands (tall, rock climber) but I'm slim and the handles are uncomfortable and press awkwardly into your hands, they should have been completely rounded as per the Faema baby that it's modelled on.
  10. Well the updates haven't come twice a week and I think today is two weeks since the last one, maybe an update today is due?!
  11. Robot owner here. I would say, if the extra £150 doesn't bother you (I'm assuming the barista version robot and the £19 for the hands as to me they are essential) and you think you'll want to drink lighter roasts and don't want the faff of pre-heating (light roasts only), then go for the 58. The 58 will also benefit from being able to use single baskets and normal 58mm accessories. I do miss being able to use my levelling tools and and tampers with the robot as it takes away potential inconsistencies from the workflow. If you only drink medium+ roast espresso and are concerned about the extra £150 then I would say the robot is perfectly capable of making great espresso. The other benefit of the robot is that you can have an espresso in the time it takes to boil the kettle, so great if you often decide you want one on a whim. Let us know what you go for and why!
  12. Expires tomorrow I think, use code COFFEEDAY10 Not the most earth shattering deal but enough for me to give them a try as they are local but not local enough to go collect. I think this is the last Bristol roaster I haven't tried and so far nobody has a better Brazilian than coffee by casuals but figured I have to give the locals a chance! Love local and all that!
  13. newdent

    Flair 58

    Ah, well if you're a light roast drinker then I'd agree that it's a fair amount of faff to keep everything at temperature and the 58 resolves that issue rather well. That alone would make me jump ship I'd imagine. As it stands a prefer a medium roast espresso and a light roast filter so the robot is fine with me for now but if a version of the 58 comes out that I like the look of, I'd certainly consider swapping. I don't find the robot particularly comfortable to brew with, even with the addition of the mittens but it was £200 cheaper than the 58 and that's made the decision for me for now. I wish I could see a 58 in person as maybe it's not as bad as it looks in photos.
  14. newdent

    Flair 58

    I think adding a bracket so that the gauge is in this positions makes a huge difference; https://www.naked-portafilter.com/product/smart-espresso-profiler-for-machines-with-an-e61-group-head-new-stock-expected-end-of-november-copy/ just use a small piece of metal with a nylon washer. The flair will be easier but that lever is absolutely massive. I think I'd also prefer a single lever but not the size of the 58. Interesting your issues with heatloss, does it effect your coffee? I fill the basket and have it locked in within a few seconds. It did feel slightly frantic initially but I started slowing down and a few seconds doesn't make any difference to the taste of the coffee to me, so I just chill out now, don't rush at all. You pull the cup away to end the shot? I just lift the robot levers and the shot stops instantly.
  15. Sorry, couldn't think of the best section for this but it's equipment related. Looking to buy a Fellow Stagg EKG and hoping to find a retailer that gives x% off first order or if anyone has a discount code that would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  16. Interesting, it didn't strike me that anything was accidental on the niche. For example, they could easily have used a countersunk bolt. I assumed the opposite in that they purposely used a cap head to hold the circular wooden piece in place. Making the cup taller is an option but I think keeping it shallow is better for access and cleaning.
  17. Just when you thought they couldn't copy any more features from the niche, they add a circular piece to increase the height of the dosing cup! 😅 NFC disc next?
  18. Yeah fair, I guess I assumed they were confident dialling in.
  19. Is the issue flat vs conical or espresso burr sets vs filter ones? For example, the commandante C40 is very well regarded for filter but uses conical burrs that has geometry designed for filter. The niche uses mazzer kony burrs and presumably is espresso focussed. I mostly drink espresso and actually prefer the taste profile of the niche for espresso and have tested against 50mm, 58mm and 83mm flat burrs but if I were to get heavily into filter, I'd probably get another grinder to pair with the niche for that as subtle flavours are certainly lost in the mix. All that being said, I've had espresso through the niche with lingering acidity, so it's not like the niche is incapable of that. All depends on the bean and the way you make the espresso!
  20. newdent

    Flair 58

    Picked up the email from Doppio today too and was also surprised by the price. The potential for brewing light roast vs the robot is appealing but then again, with the robot you can decide you want a coffee and have one made in less than 5 mins and that's great and I definitely do that some days. Dunno. Probably the biggest drawback for me is that it looks like someone's taken apart an old weight lifting bench and used the parts to build the 58 - it really looks cheap to my eye. The pro 2 is quite pleasing to the eye but the proportions look off on the 58, it's chunky and oversized.
  21. Are people who have purchased getting updates that he's not releasing to the public? Seems to have been radio silence for ages now except clips of him weighing beans followed my pics of a shot he made, no video of the shot itself or owt.
  22. Update on my post, not sure having the finer mesh being against the puck makes any difference on my robot as when lifting the levers, coffee seeps around the the screen as the puck lifts anyway, not sure that would happen on a pumped machine though as the headspace is very small but the puck lifts a fair amount on the robot. I'm now sure shots are running slightly faster with this screen. Not a huge amount but the cone on the bottomless shot seems to be larger than usual during the shot. Typically, the robot doesn't get a large cone as per pumped machines. If I ever try to push a higher flow through to create a larger cone, it usually results in surges (kind of like mini channels) from certain areas of the basket whereas this screen seems to allow an evenly distributed higher flow through the whole puck. I think this is a robot specific issue, perhaps the holeless areas of the stock screen cause some weird flow paths/restrictions. Want to experiment more before confirming this though, just an early observation.
  23. "the best home single dose coffee grinder" oh right... hmmm.🤔 Interesting that he held the cup up to the chute whilst grinding too.
  24. I'd have to grab mine to check but I'm pretty sure that on the shades mesh screen, the top branded layer is a smaller holed mesh but the rest of the layers is a mesh with larger holes. Maybe the finer mesh is meant to go up against the puck to make it less likely to pull coffee into the screen when the OPV kicks in? Must admit, I've been using it with the logo facing up but will try the opposite way around tomorrow. Certainly haven't noticed any flow issues due to finer mesh, if anything the puck has been saturating slightly faster than with the robot stock screen. Can't comment on taste differences until a coffee I'm familiar with arrives this week. On the robot there's quite a few areas where there are no holes in the stock screen. Around the edges and in the middle where the silicone piece is to insert/remove the screen. Interested to see if the extra holes in the mesh screen mean a more even extraction. There must be some restriction to flow in those areas with the stock screen but I'm no physicist so can't make a truly scientific assessment.
  25. Mesh style screens from shades in 58.5mm and 57.5mm (robot) now up! https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/stainless-steel-mesh-puck-screen-or-contact-screen-585mm-575mm---50-micron-mesh I have one for the robot but won't be able to test properly until next week. Can only confirm that it fits and works right now!
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