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  1. Oh I see, I wonder if James Hoffman's review of the DF64 had anything to do with that! 😂
  2. What have they done to change it? It was on the Eureka website a few weeks ago with all the stats but refreshed the page later that day and they'd taken it down.
  3. newdent

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    Oh we're doing quotes now. Apart from expecting your customer to perform manufacturing operations on their brand new product, this is my favourite: The absolute arrogance, as if you're incapable of making a mistake. I'm impressed that you can deduce the robot is perfect without taking one look at it. You sell the parts to upgrade to the pressure gauge with video instructions on how to do it, you sell the parts to upgrade to a barista version, so what have I done wrong? I've used the Legris fittings you recommended so why: What does this even mean? I have Legris fittings but
  4. newdent

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    I'll make this brief (ish) as I'm busy today. I took the piston to a pneumatics specialist who had stock of pneumatics fittings Paul specified including manufacturers who they said were equal if not better in quality to Parker Legris and none of the 1/8 BSPP fittings would go into the threaded hole in the piston. They are experts in their field and supply pneumatics equipment to many machine builders and their expert opinion was that the thread had not been fully cut to 1/8 BSPP. They suspected that Paul's blanking plug was cut with a much more forgiving thread and because he was securin
  5. The one that just ended for £527 was a UK plug as new condition. It seems the niche doesn't have the same demand it did not long ago. I think you need to decide if you want 64mm flat burrs or 63mm conical burrs and the difference in taste the two burr types provide as the eureka SD is unlikely to be much different in any other aspect, price included.
  6. Would you get £700 for it though? I've been watching a few out of curiosity and none have sold in that region. Last one was £527 and it was 3 months old.
  7. you could likely use that on top of an open ended bellow similar to the solo (DF64, etc) grinder to seal it as you press the bellows. I couldn't tell from the etsy page if that's what he has done or if it's a one-piece silicone bellow.
  8. Hey, I ended up having to return my crono as it developed a fault and am now using a new grinder, so didn't get any prints done except a tray, which helped with mess and would recommend; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234047432195 I recommend this seller, he worked with me to develop this tray from a smaller design. Good comms, tracked shipping. I didn't need the chute attachment in the end, I just ground straight into the portafilter and it worked just fine. I think there were longevity issues with the 3d printed bellows and the original designer is now using silcone ones; https://www.etsy.c
  9. James' disgust over the font was entertaining. In reality, this grinder offers nothing new over the Mazzer Mini (64mm version) with a camera lens hood but that being said, the Mazzer mini is much more expensive new, so being able to being able to get a new product much cheaper, that will have a warranty presumably, might be worth it. It does seem like the heart of the solo's designer was in the right place but pretty much all the features need to be re-designed. The compact body and the burr compatibility seem to be the only successful part of it - it's a good start. It seems like th
  10. Interesting, thanks for the info. Shame that a UK company like niche will suffer on sales because of our EU exit! 😢
  11. Haha, he chose the title well to get attention! Reading the comments, I didn't realise just how expensive the niche was for buyers outside of the UK. Not that I think the two grinders are particularly comparable but I can see why people outside the UK might choose the solo if they've got around £500 budget. With so few UK manufacturers, we're rarely on the best side of things but glad we are in this instance. Now someone hurry up and manufacture a big flat burr single dose grinder in the UK!
  12. they look like the mignon bellows; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4703218 could be wrong. Worth noting that there have been longevity issues with the 3d printed bellows, worth noting that the designer of those uses silicone bellows now; https://www.etsy.com/listing/923944178/eureka-mignon-single-dose-hopper-and
  13. This round still has stock. Wonder if they've increased capacity or of people are holding off buying. There seems to be a lot of hype about the DF64 and people drawing comparisons between the two grinders, which is strange to me. Better off comparing the DF64 to the mazzer mini or SJ as they are more closely related in features.
  14. Anyone from the July drop had a change of heart and want to swap my white for your black niche? Prefer a physical handover, new for new in the Bristol region would be ideal but will consider a bit of a drive.
  15. I see, interesting, thanks for explaining. Does clumping like that go away with standard puck prep or does it actually cause problems with extraction? Perhaps grinding into a blind shaker or similar would help.
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