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  1. Is the issue flat vs conical or espresso burr sets vs filter ones? For example, the commandante C40 is very well regarded for filter but uses conical burrs that has geometry designed for filter. The niche uses mazzer kony burrs and presumably is espresso focussed. I mostly drink espresso and actually prefer the taste profile of the niche for espresso and have tested against 50mm, 58mm and 83mm flat burrs but if I were to get heavily into filter, I'd probably get another grinder to pair with the niche for that as subtle flavours are certainly lost in the mix. All that being said, I've had espresso through the niche with lingering acidity, so it's not like the niche is incapable of that. All depends on the bean and the way you make the espresso!
  2. newdent

    Flair 58

    Picked up the email from Doppio today too and was also surprised by the price. The potential for brewing light roast vs the robot is appealing but then again, with the robot you can decide you want a coffee and have one made in less than 5 mins and that's great and I definitely do that some days. Dunno. Probably the biggest drawback for me is that it looks like someone's taken apart an old weight lifting bench and used the parts to build the 58 - it really looks cheap to my eye. The pro 2 is quite pleasing to the eye but the proportions look off on the 58, it's chunky and oversized.
  3. Are people who have purchased getting updates that he's not releasing to the public? Seems to have been radio silence for ages now except clips of him weighing beans followed my pics of a shot he made, no video of the shot itself or owt.
  4. Update on my post, not sure having the finer mesh being against the puck makes any difference on my robot as when lifting the levers, coffee seeps around the the screen as the puck lifts anyway, not sure that would happen on a pumped machine though as the headspace is very small but the puck lifts a fair amount on the robot. I'm now sure shots are running slightly faster with this screen. Not a huge amount but the cone on the bottomless shot seems to be larger than usual during the shot. Typically, the robot doesn't get a large cone as per pumped machines. If I ever try to push a higher flow through to create a larger cone, it usually results in surges (kind of like mini channels) from certain areas of the basket whereas this screen seems to allow an evenly distributed higher flow through the whole puck. I think this is a robot specific issue, perhaps the holeless areas of the stock screen cause some weird flow paths/restrictions. Want to experiment more before confirming this though, just an early observation.
  5. "the best home single dose coffee grinder" oh right... hmmm.🤔 Interesting that he held the cup up to the chute whilst grinding too.
  6. I'd have to grab mine to check but I'm pretty sure that on the shades mesh screen, the top branded layer is a smaller holed mesh but the rest of the layers is a mesh with larger holes. Maybe the finer mesh is meant to go up against the puck to make it less likely to pull coffee into the screen when the OPV kicks in? Must admit, I've been using it with the logo facing up but will try the opposite way around tomorrow. Certainly haven't noticed any flow issues due to finer mesh, if anything the puck has been saturating slightly faster than with the robot stock screen. Can't comment on taste differences until a coffee I'm familiar with arrives this week. On the robot there's quite a few areas where there are no holes in the stock screen. Around the edges and in the middle where the silicone piece is to insert/remove the screen. Interested to see if the extra holes in the mesh screen mean a more even extraction. There must be some restriction to flow in those areas with the stock screen but I'm no physicist so can't make a truly scientific assessment.
  7. Mesh style screens from shades in 58.5mm and 57.5mm (robot) now up! https://www.shadesofcoffee.co.uk/stainless-steel-mesh-puck-screen-or-contact-screen-585mm-575mm---50-micron-mesh I have one for the robot but won't be able to test properly until next week. Can only confirm that it fits and works right now!
  8. The solo is the best value 64mm flat burr grinder you can buy from new, which is a great title to own. Correct me if I'm wrong. I think he was very positive in the review he was just addressing people drawing comparisons between it and the niche and saying he'd personally buy the niche and recommended it for people who want to buy things that work straight out of the box. I feel like he addressed the solo's potential. Solo and niche owners get very protective over their grinders, they're different grinders at the end of the day with completely different burr sets at different price points. James' comparison was mainly on their performance at single dosing and switching between brew methods.
  9. The grind adjustment is not great on the Mazzers, I don't think they get changed much in an industrial environment. It's just a feature you have to live with if you keep it, must grinders that used the same mechanism for adjusting have the same issues. The niche, which uses conical burrs uses the same system but has much softer springs, making it a breeze to adjust. An upgrade you can do is swap the burrs for the SJ burrs as both are 64mm. I used a lens hood and used to placed a plastic tamper (that came with my rancilio silvia) on top of a single dose of beans whilst grinding. This applied a light amount of pressure during grinding and prevented popcorning. I used to get 0.1g retention with this setup. Personally, I'd remove the anti-static grid. I didn't get masses of clumping with either of my mazzers but certainly some. Just do a small amount of wdt and tamp and never had any issues, just visually less appealing than fluffy grinds.
  10. That's fair enough, I knew there were mignon models that are quieter than others and also that the crono is a bottom end mignon. I'll admit that the niche is by no means quiet but it is a more pleasant grinding sound than the faster rpm grinders that I've used. The niche is 330 rpm, the XL 1650. Don't get me wrong, I'd never choose a grinder over this though. All about quality in the cup vs money. Will be interesting to see how the SD sells compared to the DF64. It seems like the DF64 and niche both suffer from supply issues, so Eureka have that on their side!
  11. Agree, the niche is more of a low pitch grumble and a slow rpm which is not offensive. My mignon crono was fairly loud and the rpm was very high, so a more annoying sound. No idea if that's different with the XL / SD. Still, if you're going to add the sound of grinding into the edit, at least play it at all the times you will hear it!
  12. Surprise, surprise, Eureka uses editing to make their product sound quieter than it really is...
  13. newdent


    I was thinking the opposite, no proper updates for nearly 3 weeks!
  14. I think shades will have a bplus style screen available very soon.
  15. I've got a new baby which practically uses the same internals as the classic so I've read. I only use this machine for steaming milk but in the future plan to implement variable pressure control for a bit of fun. I attempted to pull a shot yesterday and when trying to run water through the PF with no coffee in the spouted PF, the water is getting shot out of the spouts horizontally. Is this normal? The water seemed very aerated. I've never used a spouted PF before and the naked 58mm PF I used on my silvia doesn't fit. I ran a test shot through it and when the shot ended, I heard it dump to the drip tray but it sounded like it remained open and I could hear air expelling from the drip tray for a long time. Also, when the machine is heating up in the mornings, sometimes I can hear steam (but not see it) coming from group or possibly the tray, so sounds like perhaps the valve is sticking? I did give the valve a good clean as it was caked with coffee inside but perhaps is needs a better clean or any other advice? Hopefully it doesn't need a new valve as I probably wouldn't bother spending this much money on what is frankly a pretty ugly machine that I bought for £35! Thanks for any info.
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