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  1. Thanks for the questions. Think I like the idea of the simplicity of the La Pavoni as far as repairs etc. However we have just been looking at several of the machines you mentioned! There is too much choice and as you say so many variables to account for. My partner is actually the coffee person and is keen to try tge La Pav, he'll enjoy the meditative aspect and the fiddly working out how to get the best coffee bit. I won't be as keen on the faff but I'm also happy to make a stovepipe coffee or French press so happy to try the La Pav. Think we both realise it may not be for us but willing to try. About to buy the Eureka Mignon XL 65, assuming it's better than the specialita 16cr and will be OK for any of the machines you mention plus the La Pavoni.
  2. Thanks for that. Not worried about the noise at all. Will definitely take a look at the groups as an already modified machine sounds great. I actually messaged you coffeechap as someone had suggested you might have machines for sale.
  3. We're pretty flexible, so do try different beans atm, but would limit that if needed. We probably make 4ish cups at a time. Would be nice if we could froth, but isn't an absolute necessity.
  4. I'm happy to hear people's opinions. I think any lever machine will be a huge learning curve for us. We accept it may turn out that we won't like it and end up selling it on and loosing money, but we want to try one. Thanks for the advice.
  5. We hadn't considered anything else. Will take a look at them. Would tge Eureka mignon still be OK as a grinder? If we can't get one, then what would be your reccomendation for a grinder to fo with the LA Pavomi? Thanks
  6. Hi, we'd decided to spend so.e money trying a lever machine and after reading think we'll get the La Pavoni pl and a grinder, maybe the Eureka Mignon. Have done some reading, but frankly overwhelmed by the choice and detailed advice. We understand the complexities of the lever machines and are willing to give it a go. Had opted for Pl model due to the size of the boiler and number of cups made. Prepared to spend up to about £1500 for machine plus grinder. Open to advice on machine and grinder. Doubt we could upgrade on the machine for this money, but maybe a different grinder? Any thoughts welcome. Hoping to order them tomorrow!!
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