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  1. I recently installed an Auber kit on my Silvia and must say the entire kit was nicely thought out/made ready to go. The double sided tape included is OK, but not my favorite. I installed mine in the Auber recommended spot, but after just 1 day of use thought that area got a bit warm and didn't like the controller that close to the group. I installed it on the right side panel where things are MUCH cooler. Getting the 1 day old 3M tape off was ridiculous as that stuff peels and peels in layers. Had to dab alcohol on it, rub some, etc. I put it back on with this https://www.gorillatough.com/product/tough-and-clear-mounting-tape/ as it's MUCH better than the 3M foam type double sided tape. The Gorilla stuff is much stronger and will peel off in one piece if need be, not 100 pieces like other garbage.
  2. The Sette is simply a flop regardless of what Baratza does to rectify it. They are innovative in what they do, but the longevity just doesn't cut it for what their grinders cost. Too much plastic, cheap components that fail regardless of use, etc.
  3. I roast on my balcony that gets a healthy north wind whipping around the corner, so smoke/particulates are almost never an issue. No way would I roast indoors though.
  4. Pump/brew pressure has NO effect on steam volume/pressure. The stock single hole tip should work great. Can you describe your steaming routine?
  5. Even though my Rocky is dosered I have NO issues with static or clumping. The coffee falling out of the chute is nice and fluffy without clumping or static spraying, before the doser even comes into play. Doserless Rockys seem to have issues with clumping likely due to the design of the nozzle. I like the efficiency/effectiveness of a doser, unlike many that whine about them. Static and clumping is usually caused by the coffee (roast level/age) and humidity issues. What is better for the $? Don't even mention the POS Baratza plastic turds either, lmao. Here in the U.S. a new Rocky is around $350. There is nothing with similar build quality, performance, etc. close to that price. Great thing is a used Rocky can usually be found for much less. Toss in some new burrs and good to go for a few years.
  6. I've been grinding a bit more fine and tamping less for years, along the order of 12-15# max. Once you tamp enough you get a feel of how the coffee is compacting. All the calibrated/self-leveling tampers are a ridiculous waste of money if you ask me. Same with the OCD type puck groomers that seem to be the nerd rage. Nothing beats a bit of stirring and swiping with a curved finger.
  7. The Rancilio Rocky is a great all-around grinder and very capable of doing press coarse to Turkish fine. The frowned upon stepped adjustment makes it consistent switching back/forth. I've owned more expensive/stepless grinders at home and commercially and find my Rocky to be quite good dialing in espresso daily. Not to mention the build quality is awesome for the price range.
  8. Other than having really fresh coffee you might want to check that the OPV isn't stuck closed. If so, it will send all available pump pressure through the puck and can cause fast extractions, channeling, etc. Easy way to do this is remove the tank lid while extracting and see if there is excess flow being diverted to the water tank via the shorter hose. If there is a somewhat steady steam then the OPV is likely not the issue. Also, the Rocky is a very capable grinder and no need to consider buying another grinder when you may just need new burrs. That will bring the grind quality/fineness back up to speed for a fraction of the cost of a new grinder.
  9. Dude, don't discount your knowledge in any way as the term 'expert' is overused these days. Your opinion/feedback is just as important as anybody else's. What works for you is all that matters anyway. Not long ago I scored a V1 Silvia/Rocky that was barely used (dozen times in 10 years) for cheap. Once I got it cleaned up, descaled, etc. and found the sweet spot for the machine via time/temp surfing and dialed in a few coffees I've found the combo to be quite awesome. Those that want to bash it likely can't figure out how to maximize it or are just too lazy to deal with a few quirks along the way. I consider the Silvia far from a novice setup as you definitely need to know what you're doing to make the best of it. It is likely the most unforgiving machine on the market and definitely the most challenging of any I've owned/used over the years. My Rocky is dosered and I wouldn't want doserless. Also owned a dosered NS MDX commercially for some time and never had a single issue/complaint with it. There is a common misconception that dosers are inefficient unless used in a busy cafe or are messy, but nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing I didn't like about mine is the way the blades don't fully contact the bottom/sides and leave grounds behind. Adding Velcro strips to the bottom of each blade totally eliminates that. I run it for about 15 seconds, which gives me 18-19 grams. I dose an average of 18.8 grams and anything leftover I swipe back into the doser for the next double and it doesn't sit long. I grind/extract 5-6 doubles each morning and at the end of the session I have maybe 1-2 grams waste at most. Virtually no mess either the way I dose/distribute. For my last double I swipe the throat out with a brush and use what comes out to hit my 18.8 gram mark. I use a handheld 18 volt vacuum and give a quick clean to the top of the burrs (removed finger guard) and what bit is left in the throat. I do this while it's running and nothing is left behind to stale for the next morning. I give the doser wall a quick brush/vacuum and it's like a new grinder every day. All said/done it takes maybe 1 minute.
  10. Where do you get struggle from that, lmaoa? Must be a British misunderstanding...
  11. You consider full city dark, because I don't?!? This is a blend I home roast often, taking it to full city, sometimes a bit more.
  12. I can agree with that to an extent, but even for those starting out they should rely on taste more than anything else to dial things in. I've seen tons of posts on various forums of numbers thrown out such as 1:1, 3:1, etc. and usually confuses many rather than help them.
  13. OP said they plan to upgrade, so why bother investing in a decent tamper as a temporary fix?!? Yes it's just compression and of course sidewall seal, but if you have something that fits the basket both will be achieved in one solid motion. The tamper isn't the do all-end all device some make it out to be, lmao. It surely has a place in the grand scheme of things, but damn sure not the most important factor that one just can't live without.
  14. More solubles dude... also, I have never, nor will I ever bother with extraction ratios. Too many coffee nerds these days think you just have to weigh every thing to get it just right consistently. I'm old school and go by taste, texture, color and flow. Chasing numbers is OK for newbies that just can't figure things off right away, but nothing beats skill and experience. I hit my mark nearly every time and at the end of the day what works is what counts.
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