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  1. Thanks, yeah it will be on the shopping list soon
  2. Lots better than pre ground coffee and the pressurised portafilter on my old Delonghi!
  3. I can't quite stretch to £2000 I'm afraid at the moment and don't want to insult you with a lower offer. Travel costs would not be an issue. I was working in Coventry on Tuesday 😩. Good luck with the sale.
  4. Hi, hard to tell from the photos but are there any marks / scratches? Thanks
  5. @Benandjaney Not yet. But I've heard the ACS minima is a good machine.
  6. Looking good. Tidy set-up πŸ‘
  7. You're probably right!
  8. Are you sure that's not too much coffee?!
  9. Thanks but I'm not sure I could live with the water tank
  10. Hi, I am currently looking to buy my first real espresso machine. I like to make informed decisions and intend to live with my choice until it is beyond economical repair. I want to make great coffee and will enjoy the learning process and using the machine but I'm not really looking for a hobby. Wake up, make a couple of coffees, go to work kind of thing. More at the weekend. I have decided to buy from BB as they are an hour away. Perfect for aftermarket support etc. So I'm deciding between a Rancilio Silver Pro and an ECM Syncronika with anthracite panels.
  11. True. But to be fair it shouldn't have gone faulty in the first place. At least it was within the warranty period. I'm beginning to wonder if anything is made properly these days! I'm struggling to pick a machine at the moment to be honest. Sure I want to make great coffee but coming from an engineering background and appreciating good design, styling and build quality come high up the list for me. I'm not saying I won't buy one...but it does make you think....
  12. I was looking to possibly buy this largely based on perceived build quality. I guess if BB resolved it for you then it's all good. Doesn't fill prospective buyers with confidence though. Hope you don't have any more issues.
  13. What about this? It's just proof of concept at the moment. 60ml black tin jars. I'm thinking about adding self adhesive felt to the bottom of each tin. 227g bag of coffee is approx 12 tins with an 18g dose. I'd be looking at a nicer tube(s), maybe a bamboo one with a magnet on the bottom then keep 2 tubes on top of the microwave. A magnet in the base will stop it from sliding around but allow it to easily be moved for restocking. I've found a suitable bamboo solution that I can butcher. I'll keep you posted...
  14. Thanks. Yeah I hadn't really given much thought to used but will keep an eye on the for sale section πŸ‘
  15. Will do, thanks πŸ‘
  16. Thanks. I guess that's new posts or just comments in posts?!
  17. Thanks. I thought I had a budget but when I think I've found something I like....oh hang on for Β£200 more I can get this. Oh for Β£200 more I can get this...etc...etc πŸ˜‚
  18. Hi, Just a quick hello. Kind of in the process of upgrading my current coffee making. My sister bought me a Delonghi appliance some years ago but wanting to upgrade. I'll probably just say it broke or something πŸ˜‰ So currently researching what to buy and this forum is very helpful... Cheers
  19. Thanks. The offer you can get through here makes a big difference actually in terms of justifying the price. Thanks to @DavecUK for pointing that out. I think that offer expires on 31st March and I'll have my bonus from work on the 25th so I'll probably pull the trigger then! As you say convenience is a big thing. Bottled water isn't sustainable and imagine waking up only to realise that the coffee machine is empty and you've run out of bottled water.... Ahhh NescafΓ©...no thanks. Thanks for your advice πŸ‘
  20. Pretty hard! CALCIUM 122 mg/l Calcium is the principal constituent of hardness. TOTAL HARDNESS 305 mg/l I'm looking at getting a new espresso machine in the not too distant future but want to get prepared first...
  21. Yeah I'm just weighing up the options. The Forum offer makes it much more appealing and if I could get away with a filter change less often than every 6 months then even better.
  22. I'm definitely undecided. The manual does say... β€’ Normal wear and tear. We suggest the system should be replaced after 5 years.
  23. Throwing it in a skip after 5 years? Also the filters and electricity. I'd only use it for the coffee machine. Sadly most supermarket packaging is plastic, I can probably live with putting 2 bottles of Volvic* in the recycling each week... * Other bottled waters are available
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