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  1. @The Systemic Kid Thanks mate! Will definitely take a look at Vantrue! I read we need to use Blackvue’s own SD card, which costs a few times more than the average market price. Techradar gives a few familiar options in addition to Kenwood’s.
  2. Some fab Blackvue reviews on Amazon 😉 I will take time to review and decide.
  3. Had a little chat with Halfords. Their recommendations are one of the Blackvue ranges, considering the main interest is recording in stationary mode. They said it runs off a battery, will come alive using motion detection sensors. A battery pack can be had for continuous recording. Of course, the same in the case of Garmin. DR590 -139 deg view costing £290 DR 750 - 139 deg view @ £380 DR 900 - 162 deg view - £500 2 x Garmin at £200 a piece - 180 deg view They suggest either DR750, DR 900 or 2 sets of Garmin. The installation will cost £55. They also advised me irrespective of the model, no camera will give a full coverage, unless we install on the sides as well. They said it’s not required.
  4. @Jedi oh My garage was mentioning an App, which can be used on the mobile phone to review the footage, should there an incident. It’s perhaps the same, which you have experienced. I will check the Nextbase alternatives when I speak to Halfords. Appreciate the heads up.
  5. I have always found a luke-warm or even a cold coffee — be it a pour over, an Americano and an espresso - gives a better perception of taste and notes. I thought the hotness quotient suppresses them or it’s there but we can’t as much as in the luke-warm / cold coffee. I did however think I am perhaps imagining it.
  6. @dfk41 Interesting price point David. She came home yesterday for a few days off. I am quite busy today, but will try to go. @The Systemic Kid I meant, I won’t do the rear-side camera wiring myself. I will leave it to the Pro. 😊
  7. Thanks Patrick! We have been thinking the extent of hard-wiring required, the impact on the battery and alternatives. With her job, monitoring and taking preventive actions are unlikely to be effective. A couple of power banks are a good idea.
  8. Thanks guys! We won’t mess with the car. I work with insurers and hence understand the risks! Halfords is what we are thinking. We defo wants these units to run especially when the car is stationary / parked! We will ask Halfords what our options are.
  9. Sorry for the long post! We know the insurers encourage these devices on the car. My daughter lives and works as a doc in London. Her work locations mean she drives to work. She owns a 2017 MC. The car is very well looked after. We are all familiar with rogue drivers - car, can, truck; I call them m***** as they hit the car and drive away. The off-street parking is good as the roads are really wider than the average London roads. She has two no-fault incidences in as many months, when the car was parked - both are 3rd party hitting the car while reverse parking in a broad day light. Both incidences left a very badly damaged driver side of the front bonnet and driver door. One person left a sorry note. This was sorted last month. Two weeks ago, a delivery vehicle smashed the car on the same side. The damage is awful requiring a replacement of the bonnet, bumpers, headlights, etc . A classic hit and run incident by the *****. It’s a pity there is no CCTV. The advisory was it is not worth chasing a wild goose resulting in an at fault claim. She has a clean record, which protects her NCB and premium at the next renewal cycle this month end. We have taken the car to the garage to sort out the mess. The person advised installing a dash cam and a rear cam, which can monitor when the car is also stationary, controlled and recorded by the smart phone. The recommendation was a basic version costing £150-£200 at Halfords. Folks, what are your experiences and what sort of a cam did you install? What’s your camera recommendations please ? Thanks!
  10. @condy01 Ordered both! I have been enjoying light roasts - brew, espresso and with milk. Will give it a shot. 🙂 I didn’t realise I had a one-use 20% discount code. So, a good deal!
  11. @OneMoreEspresso Awesome! It’s a cracking machine for the money. Well done. We are so glad we could chip in. Please keep us posted! 👏👏👏
  12. Sorry, I didn’t follow. Could some one explain please ? Thanks
  13. @condy01 No worries. Thanks. Appreciate it! I have been thinking of grabbing both of their columbians - El Caramen Sugarcane Decaf and Vilamaria Sugarcane Decaf, and leave the Swiss water for another occasion. If I order, I would grab a KG each, rest them for 2 weeks, after 2 - release as much air out as possible, sticky tape and freeze. 😊
  14. Has anyone tried this please ? Any impressions especially as an espresso will be appreciated. I am aware Extract Coffee’s sugarcane decafe comes highly recommended.
  15. @DavecUK Assume you were using Win 10, which isn’t a legacy by any stretch of my imagination! 😂😉
  16. @MWJB I assume you are not jokingly hinting at sugar when you state “using sweet coffee”. 😀 My little, if any, knowledge has taught me that sweet coffee is some combinations of fruity acidity, aroma, texture, smoothness and no obvious sweetness! 🙂 Your mention of disappointment is, IMHO, isn’t implying that really. Implicit in that statement is your coffee making is so matured, you make a damn good cup consistently, irrespective of the brew method. An occasional or an infrequent miss is ok. A good cup doesn’t have to be 9/9, it can even be 7/9! We are obviously discussing a black coffee only - no milk and no sugar! Cheers Mark!
  17. Interesting, you don’t have a preference after years of making coffee this way. I was hoping you would bring out which one always gives a clean and a sweet cup, what makes the difference and at least a fav!
  18. @MWJB Mark, Considering your very long experience in pour overs across the entire spectrum of brew equipments, is there a clear winner for you? If it isn’t, a favourite at least. Please detail them out with what, why and how (i.e. data points). Thx
  19. @gwapenut I was in a similar situation when I was drawn between M, B and Evo. We took our time, my family eventually let me buy the Evo. Please take your time, consider the cost, fitment and decide what works for you. 😊
  20. @-Mac Please review this https://www.tomshardware.com/amp/news/windows-11-review-launch-impressions
  21. @MediumRoastSteam Wise choice. MS has taken a matured, an open-minded and a forward looking approach. It’s good for them and we can see that in their bottom line. Azure, cross-platform compatibilities, and a strong security architecture from Windows 10 are their notable achievements. Mac is a different class; sleek, elegant and secured OS tracing the origin to Unix. One can’t go wrong with both, we are now increasingly skewed towards Mac as, IMO, it isn’t as bloated as windows.
  22. Considering the price point, if you are willing to invest time and effort, the V is what I would gently nudge you towards. But, it doesn’t take anything away from both B and M; both are excellent on their own.
  23. Nice, neat and well done!👏👌 No plans to upgrade until Win10 reaches the end of support in Oct 2025. By that time, our 2 PCs would have also reached their end of life! We are no longer looking to buy another windows machine. I switched my daughter to Mac Pro. We will also go that route, should we require a new laptop or PC. Our office suite is any way O365!
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