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  1. Am sure, the dB of the Leva pump is lower than that of Minima’s Vibe.
  2. It’s only a 4 bar rotary pump, if I am not wrong, just for the pre-infusion, is it not? Fair enough, though, if you don’t like it.
  3. Sorry to hear this Jake. That’s really a shame. IMHO, wallet permitting, I think you should hang in there with your L, wait for the first batch owners of the V to share their experiences, let them try with light roasts and in the meantime request @DavecUK to pull a few light-roast magic shots with his Alpha. Tariffic light is what comes to my mind. 😊
  4. The itch to upgrade. 😂 If you think this will return sooner than you think it will, you might want to take a pause, ask the experts like @DavecUK, @dfk41, @Cuprajake , @Rob1 take a closer look at what you can afford, may be post a new thread (if required) and go from there. Please do read the lever threads including the new Vesuvius lever thread. Please take your time and decide. FWIW, I am on the V Evo Leva pre-order. A massive end-game upgrade for me from brews and cheap espresso machines. Fun and despair are defo in store. I am not scared though 😅 Of course, you can alw
  5. I am no expert. Dave is. I belong to do it once with no regrets category. 😊 I am sure Jake doesn’t regret the switch. The bottomline is you should do what you like and be comfortable with.
  6. For a bit of a control, one can add a paddle on the minima or go the Bianca way or to the lever world, which has got a new kid on the horizon.
  7. You are no stranger to RO. Another happy Osmio Zero user here. The 1L is never wasted. You know it has a variety of uses. Re-no one will drink except you. My family was very sceptical. They converted in a month. I’m sure, many may have had similar experiences.
  8. What Nz offered when they hit the market was a niche market opportunity at a quality and a competitive price. There wasn’t much quality choice at these price range, if I were interested in an electric single doser. Glad we have Solo and more in the pipeline. This forum isn’t a hype and I rather find it balanced and mindful of what one may be looking for.
  9. The look, the feel and the taste are relative and personal. The stylish, the beautiful and the quality ones cost at least 3x more, if I am not wrong. The NZ does a very good job to a lot of experienced folks here at an attractive and an affordable price. The choice is fairly straightforward IMHO. Period.
  10. Massive double congratulations ! Welcome to the forum again!
  11. Thx. Interesting but we are not surprised, are we? Niche, Solo, Eureka Mignon, who’s next ? Is this a flat ?
  12. Mark @MWJB is our go to expert!
  13. Hello welcome to the forum. Please tell us what brings you here and excite us with your coffee journey !
  14. Welcome to the forum. Please tell us your existing set up, budget for machine +grinder + accessories, how many espressos do you plan to make, steaming, water, etc. Some one will help you get started. BTW, please visit the classified section and check if there is anything, which you may like.
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