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  1. Pleased to hear. Thank you for your response Mark.
  2. GH/KH drop test readings: I took 20 ml water for the tests. GH, 20 ml, 2 drops to green, 35.8 / 4 = 8.95 ppm KH , 20 ml, 6 drops to yellow, 107.4/4 = 26.85 ppm
  3. Frequent changes to the filter, I guess. 64-68 is the typical range, I get. I don’t trust these cheap digital TDS. It’s all the over place and I don’t think this is a reliable and an important indicator any way. To test, how temperamental it is, I have loaded the supply pitcher with hard water cycle. I will verify and test this after changing the supply pitcher once again with hard water tomorrow. I am just curious. This has been a life changer actually. It’s been a week. We haven’t taken out the kettle from the garage. We consume 8-10 l of water between 2 of us. Coffee and tea tast
  4. I recently grabbed 2 KGs of beans. Rested them for 10 days in the cup board. Split them into 200g each; put each of them in a small freezer bag, wrapped with a cling film and then put it another sandwitch bag. I have put all of them in the freezer hiding them under frozen foods. Took out a bag last night, left it unopened in a cup board and enjoyed 2 cups of Chocolate Point this morning. It’s provisionally on an air-tight glass jar wrapped in a coloured clothing bag stored in a cup board. Ordered a coffeevac to replace the glass jar. Although, I will reuse the two bags, I am not ha
  5. Chocolate Point on Aeropress. We made 2 back to back ones. 1.3 on JX Pro, used 24 grams, 145g / ml water, 130 g/ml liquid, 45 secs in total (15 sec pour, 15 stir and 15 brew). The extraction was light, thought slightly acidic but tasted ok. 1.275 on JX Pro, 18 g, 115 g water, 100 out, 2 mins in total (15 pour, 15 stir, 90 brew). This was smooth, strong but perfect, nutty and sweet. I drank in 2 parts - black first and the second with milk. Liked both but, with milk, the nutty and sweet taste were very evident. I am thinking if I should modify and try point 2 with a click fin
  6. not far away then. I feed the machine with salt-blocks softened water.
  7. The forum is like a mobile library and a body of knowledge. Please feel free to post questions along with your budget (espresso machine, grinder, accessories), what you are looking for in the espresso machine, how you plan to feed water into the machine, etc. I am also a newbie but these guys helped me quickly up and running for my current setup. BTW, adding a couple of more posts, will give you access to Sales section 🙂
  8. I checked the TDS of the OZ water after mineralisation. It varies between 60 and 80. Are the variation and the range normal please ? The other one is the softened water > 300. Thanks!
  9. Welcome to the forum! Great introductory post. Enjoyed reading it 👏
  10. It’s a beautiful, dangerous and £££ costing word on the forum! 😎 Welcome to the forum!
  11. But, there is an orderliness and/or a method in the madness! 😆
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