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  1. Imho, considering you opined that you don’t have time to experiment all of these, I’m afraid you are going to have to look outside the choices you have made. My concern would be buyers’ remorse!
  2. Welcome to the forum! I will definitely start with CP @BlackCatCoffee - David, who has always provided us impartial advice and fantastic service. He has some great coffee collections (Brazil Daterra, Ethiopian). You may PM him. Coffee by the Casuals - Kenyan (light roast) and Bom Jesus beans are also great!
  3. I will share my experience. I am not an engineer but have a strong analytical mind, which helps understand what it takes to make a good cup. I was in a similar situation appealed by the lever and also by two cracking machines - Minima and Bianca. The Evo did not even see the Alpha bed at that time. I was looking for the features of Minima, Bianca and the beauty of lever. I liked the expensive lever machine, which I did not choose as I thought it was too expensive for me and also neither it gave me the features, which I thought are important to me, nor an ability to do a temperature profiling for an analytically curious mind. IMO, temperature control is a very critical parameter. I see Evo as a natural progression or an excellent forward-looking innovation (for a lack of word). After an extensive review of the threads and the review of the Alpha bed by Dave, like other Evo owners, I paid the deposit, waited for it for almost 6 months and am happy, I did. There is nothing complex about the extra features. It gives you more control over how you want to pull a shot. What ever you choose, all are excellent machines, unless you want to go the more traditional lever way. If correct, I am afraid none of the choices, which you have made may fit that criteria. Good luck in your purchase and let’s know how you get on.
  4. I alternate between, semi, oats barrista and mylk. The oats barrista is my favourite; but, a long black is what I prefer as milk-based drink does camouflage the notes, IMO
  5. If my memory serves right, the Cathedral is known for one of the largest domed churches in Europe. It’s been ages, I don’t remember much and one of best German friends and his family still live in Munich!
  6. You have brought my nostalgic memories of living in Konstanz for 3 years 3 decades back. Yours’ is one of my all time favourite places. Btw, welcome to the forum! 😊
  7. Interesting the Funka has some similarities. The Funka notes are Strawberry cream, Gooseberry and Lime Soda. I tightened the grind a bit and pulled a couple of shots at 94C on the group and 102C on the brew boiler. I got the acidity I was looking for, while the raw beans taste has also disappeared. It cuts with milk very well. My wife loved this coffee with milk. There is a bit of bitter notes, which have crept in. I am thinking of loosening the grind a little and/or drop the temp by 1C.
  8. Pulled a shot of Extract Coffee Funka 2021 on Evo. I had set the machine at 92C (group head) and 99C (brew boiler). Fine grind on JX Pro, 18g:43g:32s. Acidity was muted, it did cut fine with milk and tbh, I’m not sure what to make of this. It was fine overall but I thought I had a bit of a raw beans after taste! I am thinking if I should try pulling a shot at 94C/102C on the machine and try brewing on the clever.
  9. A lot of forum members have been drinking this for a long time. @DavecUK and his family, I think, have been drinking the RO water for >10 years. For a lot of us, it’s a sensible thing to do; we at home use the remineralised Osmio Zero for drinking, beverages, feeding into the coffee machine and cooking. The bottom line is clear - we do not depend on water to provide us the vital vitamins and minerals. 😊 This works for us; it’s up to you to decide if it will for you and your family. Disclosure : Neither I have read that thread nor going to!
  10. @The Systemic Kid Thanks Patrick! I haven’t had the experience of trying Kenyan beans before. It is very nice. I normally, prefer drinking it as a long black or with milk and seldom drink as espresso. While both are good with this beans, this Kenyan with the Evo is so good, I drank as espresso this morning. I really like this beans, although it is a shame that my wife isn’t a fan of milk-based coffee with this beans. I stopped weighing it as the Evo normally gives me ~ 1:2.5 at 6 bars. The shot lasts about 30-32 secs. To be sure, my shot was good as it tasted, I had to brew this on clever today. I am glad I did. The black from clever was as enjoyable as the espresso from Evo, although the notes from Evo were altogether different. Thanks @Coffee by the Casuals for the lovely beans!
  11. @The Systemic Kid What’re your group and brew boiler temperature for this beans and also the light roasts in general please ? I have set them at 94C/102C and haven’t seen the need to change. Thanks
  12. Yeah! Paolo did tell me the shipping cost - months ago at least doubled for Evo. Probably higher now.
  13. + 1 for that. Interesting you said that. I do test the water — not every time — from the filter as soon as I fill the pitcher. The TDS is typically 35-40, the GH is 13-17 mg/l and alkalinity is about 40 mg/l. As the water level goes down, the TDS goes north towards 75-80, while the GH and KH edge a little higher at ~20 mg/l and ~45 mg/l to ~50 mg/l respectively. All the parameters are of course with the mineralisation cartridge in. So. I don’t add any bicarb as my alkalinity is already in the zone (mostly). Edit: Please note that the supply pitcher gets salt-softener water.
  14. Brewed Coffer by the Casuals, Kenya light roast this noon. Fine espresso grind on JX pro, Swiss gold filter, 12g:200g, water in first and 30 mins brew. It was a great to drink as a black coffee with peach and pears notes and nice acidity. The pineapple notes were on the espresso, though.
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