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  1. Thanks @jaffro, ended up finding the measurements online, will try a mock up later. But yeah, the app side is putting me off a bit. In terms of "the same internals" being used, does anybody know what those internal parts are? Which then begs the obvious follow-on question, are there any other scales out there using the same internals?
  2. Oh interesting. The Lunar fits at a diagonal angle (the legs are 9.5cm apart and the lunar is 10.5cm square), but I might make a paper mockup of the Arc to check it out. I'll be honest part of the attraction is the sleekness of the Lunar plus the apps and graphs/data output.
  3. I'm after some scales which fit under my Cafelat Robot (the legs are pretty narrow), and by my calculations either of these would, if anybody is looking to part ways with theirs.
  4. Actually @BenH putting it in at a diagonal angle worked! So things are good for now. It does mean an Acaia lunar would fit at an angle too, so that's next on the list of potential purchases.
  5. Good price, though to be honest counter space is at a minimum, hence the appeal of another hand grinder.
  6. I suspect these are pretty rare, but on the off chance anybody is selling their Acaia Pyxis, I'm after something which can fit underneath my (pretty narrow) Cafelat Robot, and these look pretty sleek.
  7. I’ve got exactly that scale at home, which I use for cooking. It’s amazingly accurate (checked against my caliberated weight), but frustratingly about 7mm too wide, it seems. On paper anyway, let’s see when the Cafelat arrives tomorrow.
  8. It comes with a drill bit attachment, so you could use a hand drill...
  9. It’s a crazy amount of money, but I was looking at might be an upgrade on my Comandante hand grinder, and I spotted that this has been reintroduced. I suspect it was taken offline while they manufactured more: Helor 106 They seem pretty rare. Anybody got one, out considering it? Looks like it is only available as an import from China, no uk resellers that I could find.
  10. I meant to say, I also ended up getting a levelling attachment 3D printed (about £10 from https://www.treatstock.co.uk). Fingers crossed it fits the included tamper. I couldn’t quite bring myself to spend the £50ish that the official Cafelat one costs. I found it on Thingsiverse
  11. Ordered my Cafelat Robot, and am expecting it to arrive tomorrow. On the lookout for some scales, and as ridiculous as it sounds I’m half tempted to get an Acaia Pyxis, as it would fit perfectly. But I’m not sure I can bring myself to spend as much on the scales as on the coffee machine itself! It’s a shame there aren’t any really rivals which look as sleek, fit perfectly and have Bluetooth.
  12. Thanks for the info @wintoid. I ended up getting it from Hazel & Hershey in HK, as I wasn’t confident I’d get your good luck from Germany! Will be pairing with my Comandante grinder, and I’m expecting a learning curve before any good coffees come out...
  13. @wintoid great to hear about your experiences. I’m in a similar boat, considering whether to go through HK or Germany. Did DHL catch up in the end with regards to customs? Or did you get away with no VAT?
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