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  1. Thanks for the tips there Dallah. I have managed to source a Gaggia Classic and Sage smart grinder pro from the Gaggia Facebook group since I last posted. It was just luck really. A guy posted that he had dug out his Gaggia classic and was wondering how much it is worth as he has had a higher end machine for a little while. I jumped on board and bought it together with his Sage grinder! Obviously in the future I may well be looking for things on here too. I currently have a Delonghi bean to cup machine which can produce some very nice coffee but there are times it just produces mediocre
  2. Hi Like Medium Strong Coffee Thanks for the tips there. I had a look at the sales section and there are indeed some interesting machines there. It's a bit tricky trying to work out what's best in the Gaggia Classic line up of models and years. Hopefully I will get there eventually!
  3. Hi guys Recently joined the forum after reading loads of posts following internet searches taking me here so decided that I should really become a member. Maybe some of you experienced fellows can help me too. I spotted a 2015 mk2 Gaggia Classic-the one with the push buttons and no solenoid valve, locally. I have heard that this is not really a model to go for but the price is good £120. Will I just be giving myself a bit of a headache if I go ahead and buy it? Should I just look for a pre 2015 model instead? I know they are going for quite a bit more than £120!! Any advice would be
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