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  1. Well I managed to send my Specialita back which was fantastic timing given the Niche pre-order went live earlier. Managed to bag myself a black one so I'm really hoping they'll offer refund for the Specialita rather than repair! Decided I'm going to try to keep going with the Dedica for now to learn the art of coffee making a bit more and save up for a Bianca. Now that I've got a Niche on order my thought is to try to push the boat out so I don't have to upgrade again for a long time. Besides the shots I'm making on it are still way better than the Nespresso and can't even have gue
  2. Cheers guys, very helpful insights! Yeah I've been looking through a lot of reviews (especially the Dave Corby ones!) and also old forum posts to get a better understanding of each one. I'd seen your video on the honest walk through as well @Cuprajake so thanks for that! The principle issues I had with the Minima basically come from your videos! The main issue I had with the MaraX was indeed milk based drinks. I'll usually make myself a flat white and my wife a latte so it sounds like it has enough steam power to handle that, but once social limits are lifted it would be nice to h
  3. Did you ever try filling the hopper to see if it still took a while still? I've had a message back from Clumsy Goat and they've asked me to send it back to them so they can send back to the supplier under warranty to repair/replace it so it does sound like it's a known issue for them. Might be worth checking!
  4. On another note I've been starting to think about my next machine upgrade and I think I've narrowed it down to Lelit Mara X or ACS Minima. Whilst searching through the forum comparing the two I noticed you were heavily involved in a thread choosing between them. Did you ever upgrade, and if so was it for one of those two or something else? By the sounds of it I have similar requirements/concerns. I've ruled out the Elizabeth on looks and would absolutely love a Bianca but I think that's probably too far out of my price range unfortunately! I see the MaraX and ACS Minima are both on pre-or
  5. Cheers! I actually can't remember what the names of any I've had in the shop itself are as I wasn't paying much attention but i've just ordered the lockdown binge special of Finca Bonanza (El Salvador). Are there any you would recommend?
  6. I actually didn't realise Machina had an online shop until a couple of days ago. I really wish I'd have waited as I'd prefer to buy from someone local to me!
  7. That is a pickle! I was wanting to hold out for the Niche as well but having no grinder to use until then was what swayed me towards the Specialita. I wonder if this is a sign to wait for the Niche, or pehaps this new one!
  8. I've been using a full hopper until it runs out and there hasn't been much difference in time from full load to empty. I wonder if this is the new normal for these machines? Although that seems to be ruled out given Eureka's direct comments. I've also emailed them to see what they say so will report back. Might try some different beans at the weekend just to rule that out.
  9. Cheers for the responses everyone, I've messaged Clumsy Goat to see what their return policy is. Doesn't sound a great idea to keep hold of it then given I'm hoping it'll last a good while. @HVL87 Did you give up with it after 2 faulty machines? If so what did you go for instead?
  10. Hi all, Last week I bought a Eureka Mignon Specialita and so far I'm getting what I assume to be decent results out of it i.e. 16g in 30g out in 25-30seconds, albeit with a Delonghi Dedica and unpressurised basket. The one thing that is concerning me is it's taking around 17 seconds to get 16g of coffee out and most videos/posts I've watched/read discussing the Specialita suggest that sort of dose should take less than 10 seconds. So my question is should I be worried about that? Has anyone else got a similar experience? I understand that there will be variations in time dependi
  11. Hi everyone, Greetings from North Berwick in East Lothian, Scotland. I've always enjoyed 'proper coffee' from the independent establishments around Edinburgh and also Steampunk who are local to me, however I've been a long term Nespresso user at home just for pure convenience. Like a lot of people, due to lockdown and working from home I've decided now is a good time to hone my home Barista skills! Unfortunately I bought the Delonghi Dedica E685 after a colleague recommended it before I really did any research myself. Added to this was the fact I bought a Delonghi KG79 grinder a
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