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  1. Hello everyone . I m looking to buy a service kit for gaggia classic 2015 . If someone has one please let me know . Thanks
  2. Hi . I interested to buy the basket please
  3. Hi It is still available ? I m happy to pay £20 delivery included
  4. Also i m wondering if the burrs needs to be replaced ?
  5. Hello everyone I m looking to replace the antistatic screen and the gasket for my Super Jolly but i couldn't find it anywhere . Any advice from where I can buy It ?
  6. Hi . I`m looking for a Bottomless portafilter and a VTS 18g for my Gaggia classic
  7. It is the 2015 model . In this case is there anything to do with the wand to improve the quality of froth ?
  8. Hello everyone . I just bought a second hand gaggia classic and want to mods it. I started with the steam wand but when i tried to to replace it with the rancilio one i notice that there is missing the nut from the wand so i can not unscrew the old one . How i suppose to replace it in this case ? I uploaded a photo so maybe you can help me Many thanks
  9. I m thinking to get a second hand doserless . I know my budget is quite low but for the moment this is what I spend
  10. Thank you for the reply Steven . Actually I m looking for a electronic grinder to pair it with my gaggia classic . I don't see myself using a hand grinder at 5 o'Clock in the morning
  11. Hello everyone . As the title says , I m looking for a expresso grinder . My budget is £200.
  12. Hi. Will this fit in a standard gaggia classic portafilter ?
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