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  1. oops - looking into changing order.
  2. Hi, we are just not familiar enough with the grinder - it is part of the difficulty. Denis
  3. Hi, I have a lot of work to do ... Scott Rao's book is excellent ...
  4. I think it shipped, will have a look, thanks. Denis
  5. Thanking you, ordered some pre-ground just now, to concentrate on the Ozzo, and will order beans too ... I do think the "unusual" beans we got from Black Cat might have made things tricky for us ... will report back Brazil Camocim Espírito Santo Organic - Roast Coffee 1kg SKU: TRBCES1KG-TRBCES1KGE Grind Level espresso Espresso
  6. Hi, yes we were almost stunned by how bad our first coffee days were, and barely beating that except with pre ground supermarket coffee.
  7. Hi, filling the mug from the machine - I think I know I should be adding water to an espresso instead, yes. 18gr for one sometimes, evenings 18gr for two. I expect it's crowded down here at the bottom of the learning curve.
  8. Hi, Emma just mentioned "Well, we like a nice mug of coffee with a nice crema" And I am hunting the perfect espresso. I use double basket and 18 gr. for two drinks, sometimes one full mug. Maybe someone can recommend a non exotic bean for beginners?
  9. Morning. Thankyou so much, I know you must be right - I know I must go back to lessons, I'm definitely at the base of this pyramid. Machine filled, turned on, with Scott's book on the table. Denis
  10. Hi, thank you for reply. Yes, using scales and timings. Double basket. I admit it would take time, but so much coffee simply poured away and eyed raised to the ceiling!
  11. Hi, good morning, thank you for reply. Well, we have not finished it, but we have Rao's 'The professional barista's handbook'. We like occasional real espresso (short) but equally long coffees - basically a flavoursome mug of coffee. We have tried blends, but also a few of the offerings from Black Cat, and in past two weeks their Signature Blend. Why give up? - it is a big investment for coffee that is not better than our old Dualit which just requires a new pump (he says eyeing a garden where 1500 would put in some nice trees!).
  12. Hi, barely one month in. Purchased items below from the nice people at Black Cat Coffee on 16th February '21. ONLY used Waitrose bottled water. Did lots of reading on espresso. Not producing the coffee flavour we like - so considering offering machine and grinder for sale. The machine group head is cleaned after every use, and we have tried blends too. 1 Motta 58mm Flat Bottom Olive Wood Tamper1£21.00 1 Eureka Mignon Specialita 55mm Flat Burrs On DemandRed / Black Chute DSW57YDXX5V2 (-£10.65) 1£355.00£344.35 1 Izzo Alex PID Plus DSW5
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