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  1. BTW


    @Stu Beck is the one from extract any good in a v60? Know it's roasted for espresso so probably not, but if it can work in a V60, £19/kg is a great deal.
  2. BTW


    Big Fan of this, usually use it for a V60- https://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/decaffeinated-colombian-el-carmen-250g/.
  3. Had a lovely V60 of Coffee by Casuals Kenyan offering today. Got it as part of their deal to forum members and not disappointed at all for trying them out. Would attach an image, but not entirely sure how to without having to use a URL (is that possible?)
  4. Couple months over here, there's tonnes of very helpful people on the forum with lots of interesting insights.
  5. Appreciate that you've let us know! I've quickly bagged myself one as I know how fast they go. Cheers!
  6. I drink 4 V60s a day (2 which are decaf), so go through about £40-50 a month including currently depending where I'm buying my beans from (mainly James Gourmet currently, they do a great decaf bean). But took advantage of Coffee by the Causals very kind offer last Friday, as who doesn't love great coffee and a great deal. Very excited for the beans to arrive!
  7. Hi all, I'm also from Edinburgh, and have been a lurker on the site for a while. Unfortunately not using anything fancy but enjoying my V60, but hopefully moving up to an espresso machine once budget stretches a bit. Reading 'what's in your cup this morning' has kept me sane through lockdown, though poorer as I can't help myself in buying the beans being recommended there. Looking forward to discovering new and wonderful things. Cheers in Advance, Ben
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