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  1. Understood...three phase is definitely more efficient. Not sure it will grind quicker, as the speed of an ac motor is a function of the frequency, unless you use that extra efficiency with different burrs then I'd guess the grind time wouldn't change.
  2. For comparison. New Gaggia Classic Pro Ready light off - 1.3kW Ready light on = 1.5W The low reading might not be very accurate, but it's definitely much less than your measurement
  3. I’m not knowledgable about grinders but from an electrical engineering perspective I’d be surprised if you can do this easily. Also curious about why you would want to.
  4. When you think about it, it's really good for the environment to have products like this that can be cost effectively repaired. I think I'll watch out for a good deal on a Dualit to refurb for when my daughter gets her own place.
  5. That’s fantastic. We’ve got a Dualit with two regular slots and one wide slot that we were given in 1997. I had to replace the timer in 2013 and the elements last year....only one element had gone but it seemed worth changing the set, they even supplied the correct mini spanner.
  6. Just to share my personal experience...coming into this hobby a couple of months ago. I bought a new Gaggia Classic Pro because used machines seem to command quite a high price, especially when I learned the preference is for pre-2015 machines. I probably would have felt OK to buy a used one from a reputable forum member rather than an unknown EBayer. Plus points of new were a couple of years warranty and confidence that the machine is free of faults, especially when you don't know what correct operation looks like. My sense is that I can be happy with this machine for quite som
  7. @Kyle T Green cups safely received...thanks for packing them carefully.
  8. 355ml and 170ml are available in Red on Acme Outlet website
  9. Perfect.. will you PM me with details for Paypal FF?
  10. @Kyle Tcould you check the height of the green cups. If they are less than 70mm then I'd like to take them. If they are the 280ml Latte cups listed at 65mm high on the Acme site they should fit my setup.
  11. Sounds like we are in a similar situation. I have a cheap hand grinder at the moment, but trying to figure out options to replace that. In particular I'm trying to understand whether with that kind of budget it is better to go second-hand.
  12. Google....visited briefly before I bought the Gaggia. I think I had read somewhere about problems with the UK distributor and was looking to figure out if all was OK. Quickly realised any bad news related to a previous situation many years back.
  13. Yes, the bigger shows are all fired electrically. I remember hearing about that Oban display. You can always stop an electrically fired display, but I suppose by the time the crew realised what was happening it was too late.
  14. @BenHthanks for the welcome @DavecUK I work on firework displays as a side gig.. Very little manufactured in the UK now. In the absence of any displays I recently read the biography of Frank Brock. Some of the old British firework firms like Brocks and Pains date back before the 1700s and have amazing histories.
  15. Couple of months. So much good information here.
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