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  1. Great to see a 13 year old machine looking in such great condition πŸ‘ & also great that we've got such good techy advice on here. Hopefully I'll have one soon. Hope it's an easy fix.
  2. Hiya Daniel, what have you got? Funnily enough we're located in the wilds of.... North Devon!! Hartland, just north of Bude. Message me if you like. Cheers, Peter πŸ‘
  3. I see the Minima as a step up & a bit newer technology-wise. I like a bit of hot water if my coffee is a bit strong, or to flush my milk jug out, etc. Thanks
  4. Thanks very much for measuring that, I think that'll accommodate most if not all our favourite mugs! Friends suggested we bought a Fracino Piccino but the lack of a hot water feed & the limited mug height put me off. I like the idea of this machine a lot.
  5. Can't find the height from the drip tray to the bottom of the portafilter to see what size mugs I could fit under one of these machines! Can anyone measure it for me please? Thanks β˜• πŸ‘
  6. Thanks for your advice & honestyπŸ‘ Although we could afford a new machine, I quite like someone else putting the first scratches on something! It's a big step up from a bean to cup machine, I'd rather not shell out too much at the moment in case we don't take to it.
  7. That's interesting you have the Lelit MaraX, do you think that their HX design is better than having a DB machine, or is it a good compromise for having a small footprint machine?
  8. Wow, that's impressive. Yep I think she definitely needs firing up Dave πŸ˜… So, what's in your kitchen now if you don't mind me asking? (espresso machine, that is!)
  9. Thanks for that Dave πŸ‘πŸ‘ Crikey, no. 1, you'd have thought they might have held onto that themselves! I'm only just getting into 'real coffee machines', I've had a Jura bean to cup I bought some years ago & I want to go to the next step or two! The Jura uses a brewing unit that many others use & I guess it's the same with these types of machines, only a few companies with make small boilers, groups, pumps, etc. Cheers
  10. Thanks David, it's good to know there is support/parts available. Do certain models come to the end of available parts or are the parts multi-changeable between machines, ie could you put a large boiler in if it physically fitted OK for instance? Do you have one in your own kitchen at home?! Cheers, Peter πŸ‘
  11. Thanks John, I think I read that Bella Barista used to sell them. That's interesting about being the pioneers in dual boiler machines. Not many come up used & not that many reviews & I'm always a bit cautious reading reports written on machines.
  12. Not a very common machine, I've seen a few positive mentions about them, but what do people think about them on here? Perhaps I'll get biased views on this forum, but they interest me & wonder about getting one perhaps something used as I like tinkling! Also are parts easy to get hold of? Thanks
  13. Thanks for replying, does anyone know if you buy slim portafilters that would pour into 2 mugs?
  14. Hi, looking at buying a Piccino for home use, but want to make sure our day to day mugs fit underneath the portafilter. I know it states 85mm in the brochure, but can you wriggle a pair of slightly taller mugs underneath?! Or can you use a different style of portafilter or mod the drip tray? Cheers β˜•
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