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  1. designed for espresso seems to mean £350+ or hand grinding 😕 The Melitta does seem to work well with some beans. Just seen a few people mention a simple mod will get it to grind finer.
  2. I've got a starter grinder and looking for mods to get it finer, would this help?
  3. Hey CFUK community! I'm starting out on my espresso journey with my barista girlfriend, we have a ROK, Melitta Calibra and Bellman Steamer, I'm pulling shots and she's the latte artist, its a team effort! Have found some beans produce acceptable crema with the normal basket but some require the pressurised basket. This I believe is due to the limits of the Melitta Calibra, I've seen comments on various blogs/forums that there is a simple mod to get a finer grind. Does anyone here know any tips or links to such guides? A turkish friend also suggested putting grinds thru a sieve or
  4. The atomic’s are nice! I think I saw them new for over £300! was thinking about the Bellman CX-25p but it uses 50g of coffee which I thought was a bit excessive. Looking out for any tips on Mod’ing the Calibra to grind finer if anyone has tips? Found that some beans need the pressurised basket, some don’t, temporary issue until I can upgrade the grinder..
  5. We plan on taking the ROK and Bellman on holiday, take a few pictures, post up here on the forum, doubt many people can fit their lelit or gaggia in hand luggage!
  6. I actually weighed the bialletti 3 cup filter after using the 'pronto caffe' and it came to about 16-17g same as the ROK portafilter, then tried the 'pronto caffe' with the portafilter and it worked fine, but not sure how often I would do that tbh! grind fresh for the ROK and any left overs go into the 'pronto caffe' for everyday Moka pot coffee
  7. hey yeah works with any size im sure, just have to turn the handle a few times, 1 or 2 turns with my 3 cup bialetti! found it on amazon also! thats great they have them now! link below for anyone interested: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00EE82YCQ/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&psc=1
  8. Love the Moka pot! I do a white americano style coffee 1:2 water and some milk for most mornings. I recently got a 'pronto cafe' from amazon.it, couldn't find it on amazon.co.uk, literally turn the handle and it doses straight into any Mokapot super quick! Would reccomend to anyone who loves their Moka!
  9. I bought the Melitta Calibra for about £120 here in the UK, has an inbuilt scale which makes life easier, it lives on the finest setting and does the job for my first grinder
  10. Hey, glad to join the forum! This little setup requires me, my girlfriend, teamwork and about 10mins to make a couple coffees! We already have eyes on the Lelit MaraX and a Niche Zero
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