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  1. Luca06

    Lelit Bianca

    @Baffo - I have the Lelit Bianca and it does exactly the same. Once fully on temperature the display stops flickering and the dripping from the valve stops.
  2. Luca06

    Lelit Bianca

    I noticed by using a leveller only, it creates a flat surface on the top but not through the entire coffee bed. I often had the problem with levelling and tamping only that dry spots occurred or the flow rate was different on various spots. By including WDT (stirring the grounds), it mixes up nice and fluffy and solves that problem. At least this is my personal preference. I am sure barista professionals will have mixed opinions. From tapping, levelling, nutating etc. I personally think levelers are a bit waste of money. I bought 2 expensive ones but only really use them to create a flat
  3. Luca06

    Lelit Bianca

    @benoit3000: I swapped the shower screen for an IMS screen. Probably it compensates a bit the lack of my technique. I also use 18 and 20g VST. But they do require a precise workflow. The stock basket for the start worked perfect. For my personal use a WiFi Plug isn't needed. It heats up fairly quickly. I use a BWT filter jug. Tamper etc. come with the machine. I only purchased a Lelit distribution tool and a WDT-Tool of Etsy. Last one matches the wood of the machine nicely.
  4. I struggled (and still sometimes do) getting an espresso that blows me away out of my setup (Bianca + Niche). I went through the same journey as you. From temp changes to puck prep. I spend literally hundreds of pounds on tools that should've helped. And tried different beans. Good espresso from a roaster, is a world on its own. I only progressed on my journey by going to a local roaster, pick the beans by tasting their espresso on the spot, go home and try to replicate it. Back the next day. I did some online barista-basic courses as well. Just to get the basics right. I noticed t
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