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  1. That is too far for me I’m afraid, thanks anyway.
  2. Hi, Would take for £150 if I could pick up (if allowed) and close enough to me. Which part of London are you based please? Daniel
  3. Thanks again, I will let you know how I get on in March.
  4. @Baffo and @Cuprajake, thanks again, the steel model is still at £1250 so I guess it has gone up from when you got yours. I emailed David last week and was really helpful and explained the issues from last year. So... Steel, black or white? Daniel
  5. Thank you all very much for your help and the videos. I have more or less decided on the Minima (but I can see it is £150 more now than the start of the year... more upgraditus??). Now I just have to find somewhere that it is in stock... (and in steel or black or white!!!)
  6. This sums up perfectly how my research has progressed over the last couple of weeks and I have reached the following conclusion. The entry and premium entry solutions provide many variables that would take lots of practise to overcome. I can see this fun in this but being realistic I do not think I would have the time to devote to it. However, I expect this practice would prove invaluable if one upgraded to a Mara X type machine because more than enough experience would have been obtained to deal the (slight) variables that type of machine. That practice would also help in a more general
  7. I got in touch with a reputable seller today, I wanted to buy from a company that would provide proper support after purchase and I have read great reviews about them. I was told that they no longer sell the Minima because they would only sell when on sale and it was the most problematic machine they have ever sold. Because I will only be making milk drinks they suggested the Mara X because the nuances that changing the temperature would provide would be drowned out by the milk, which seems to make sense to me!
  8. @HVL87 and @Baffo, I thought I had made my mind up about the Elizabeth but looking at the reviews of the Minima it has caused me to pause... the only only real criticism I have seen on (some) of the reviews is the suggestion that the metal work is sharp (not well built) etc. Have you found this to be the case? I must say I really like the black with black handles, is this finish harder to keep clean? Many thanks, Daniel
  9. No, I have not see the thumb game but I have seen this, and now I think I back to square one!!!
  10. After much thought, I reduced my list to the Elizabeth or Mara X. I would suggest to any person faced with indecision like mine to read all of @DavecUK reviews and watch all his videos. I have done so focussing on the two machines above. Beyond that I have also read the forum post for the Elizabeth and have tried to be really focused on what I need/want out of an espresso machine. One thing that I ought to say is that I have been so impressed with the help and support members provide to each other in the ‘New upgraded Lelit on the block – Elizabeth’ forum (whether that be to a new or ex
  11. I was hoping to spend around £600 on the machine but could go up to around £1000 or a bit more if it got me a machine that better suited my needs and provided a better outcome. You have hit the nail on the head with the single boiler type machines, although I think that I could handle waiting for the steam because I would not be making many a day it is more about the inconsistencies for me. Daniel
  12. Stevie6, thank you for linking me to your question. You're were right, it does deal with many of my questions. Our position is almost identical save for the fact I am not wedded to the idea of a Lelit, it was more using their wider range of machines to demonstrate my dilemma (but that said, I keep coming back to them and they would be at the top of my list). As I have thought about it more, it seems to me that while I like the idea of dialling in shots and getting the best coffee I can, this would not be the beginning of a new hobby for me (or at least, not something I would spend hours a
  13. Hi, I lived in central London for years and was spoilt being able to walk to so many fantastic places to get a coffee (Prufrock, Workshop (used to be St.Ali ), Monmouth. I’ve always loved coffee and while I do not have the knowledge or palette of the members here, I really miss being able to get an amazing coffee (I moved a couple of years ago). I have decided (hoped) that the best way to get better coffee is to start making it myself and have been researching which machine and grinder to buy for ages. The difficulty I am having is choosing the machine. I thought that some of the entry
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