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  1. If you decide to sell, I'd be interested in the Hausgrind - need to sort myself out with a grinder upgrade from my Krups GVX231.
  2. Check everything!! Do you have access to (and know how to safely use) a mains rated multimeter?
  3. Cheers Queenie! The baskets have many of the 'micro' holes in them, and just that. The portafilter has 2 outlets but I can't 'undo' them, they are moulded into the portafilter. The smaller basket is a ridge one so clips FIRMLY into the holder but the other one is ridgeless so is more easy to remove for cleaning etc. So I'm as sure as I can be (without really knowing what I'm on about) that they are not pressurised. Also forgot to say - scales on order as well. My local roast house is https://eacoffee.co.uk/ so I'll be keen to see what they've got and whether they can help
  4. Oh, and a better grinder as well. I'm considering the new Solo if BB are doing one in black (not CF) or maybe the 1Zpresso JX Pro - I;ve had the Niche email telling me they are back in stock but I don't know if I want to spend £500 on the Niche when I can get a good grind for £200 from the JX Pro. There is also the option of a Mazzer Super Jolly (which I could mod to single dose) near me for £200 but I don't know what state it's in - so it's buyer beware on that one! Niche in stock - oh wait - nope, none left, ah well, solves that question for now!!
  5. Questions! 1. How do I know what size coffee baskets I currently have? Two came with the machine and I'm going to guess the smaller one is a 7g basket but other than filling the other one with ground coffee and then weighing that coffee, how would I know what size it is? The one on the right is clean but seems to be black - it's been through the Puly Caff a couple of times, so I'm sure it's not coffee oils etc. 2. Is there a 'switch-on' and 'switch-off' procedure I should be using? As the boiler has been 'filled', at switch on do I just hit the power switch and wait for the boil
  6. As the steam wand was dripping when I first tried it, I then set about dismantling it in preparation for giving it a service. 'A' previous owner had already changed the steam wand for a Rancillo (?) wand but I don't know if it's a Mk1, 2 or 3. It still doesn't quite seal properly so maybe I'll have to give it another go at some point, but maybe it will seal after one or two uses. PID bits are on order from AliExpress but I don't expect them for at least a month. The OPV is set to ??? bar of pressure. From where it was, I turned it back about 270 degrees, but I note some people saying
  7. I'd totally removed every item and all of the wiring (after having first marked it up and taken several photos so I'd know how to put it back together again). The Solenoid was totally choked with limescale, so this was dismantled and given a good clean. The OPV was dismantled into its component pieces and also give a bit of a clean. Basically, if I could get it into some water, it got a clean. RIght down to the shell being stripped of all switches, badges and anything not physically stuck to it. I have a small ultrasonic cleaner, so I put the shower screens (it came with a spare), cof
  8. By this time, the boiler was also separated from the bottom bit and as I'd had it turned upside down, all of the limescale was now nesting in the bottom part rather than the boiler.
  9. Off came the lid and out came the tools. It didn't take that long to get it to pieces, although I did have some issues getting the shower plate holder off of the boiler. I'm not sure if, when, or how often the previous owner cleaned it, but I'd say not very often at a guess. I referred to this post https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/1341-shower-holding-plategroup-head/?tab=comments#comment-11446 to get the shower plate holder off - it was well and truly stuck!
  10. After watching a few eBay auctions and missing out on the odd one here and there, I finally managed to get a (reasonably priced) Gaggia Classic in chrome. I'm not sure what age it is , but I do know it is a 1425W boiler (unless it has ever been replaced which I doubt). If there's anyway of telling the age via serial number, it's 014780 - Made in Italy. The seller said it was in good working order - hmm, not quite sure I agree with that statement, but hey ho, whatever... Once it had been unpacked, I put some water in it, bled the boiler and then tried the various functions. The steam v
  11. Snap! Only I didn't have a Minima to upgrade from - it is a DeLonghi ESAM 5400. Postie also brought me some Puly Caff and an O-Ring set. Still waiting on a few pieces - maybe early next week.
  12. Whilst I don't fully understand how all of this works yet - my GC is due inbound any day soon and my PID bits will be (once I've ordered them) but as I understand it, the 'early' PID mods only used one SSR (I can only see one in your machine) and a 'phone charger' to provide some power that I'm not sure where it went. The XMT-7100 PID needs 2 SSRs (one AC and one DC) in order to control the steam - but if you look here, https://coffeeforums.co.uk/topic/18238-diy-pid-steam-and-brew/page/14/?tab=comments#comment-823028 you'll see that it's not necessarily straight forward.
  13. A question to any of the current holders of the 'moving' pressure gauges. Does it come with a portafilter or is it just the gauge that needs screwing into a portafilter? I'm in the process of buying a second hand GC but from the photos, it looks like it is a moulded output, ie no threaded part, so I'm wondering if I need to get a cheapy portafilter with an unscrewable spout or if the ones doing the rounds come with one. I'm loath to buy a portafilter just for this as I intend to buy a bottomless one anyway, so don't really need 3, only one of which I'd ever use in normal daily operation.
  14. How are you getting on tob? Any joy?
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