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  1. I tested some more this morning. From cold there's around a 20C delta between the thermocouple and the RTD, the delta is reduced as the machine warms up. There is a difference in response time between thermcouple and RTD but I don't believe it to be significant enough to take this long for thermocouples to "catch up". I also ran steam again with thermocouple attached. The thermostat is shutting off heating for steam at 130C read on thermocouple, 155C read on PID. I think my PID is out of calibration with the RTD or there's something else going on. I've emailed Auber and I'm going t
  2. Yep, me too! Makes me think the RTD and PID calibration is way off.
  3. Plenty of thermal paste on the RTD. Not touched the steam side which makes it all the more puzzling!
  4. Thanks for checking. The way I described it in my post, temperature is when the light goes out. When testing today, my machine has been pre warmed for probably an hour, so that might make some difference. Other times I've tested this evening the machine has started at circa 50C, so again, probably some difference. I'll see where I am with it tomorrow from ambient but I'm confident the audible click was around 155C for me today, climbing to 162 at its highest. (150 shown here from thermocouple, clearly some drift between RTD and thermocouple at higher temperature)
  5. Hello Fitted Auber PID to my Silvia this week, it's only the "brew" PID, no additional functionality for steam temp control. Prior to fitting the PID, I had fitted a K-Type thermocouple underneath the bracket for the brew thermostat, in order to try to get a repeatable brew temperature. From having this thermocouple installed, I am now quite in tune with the temperatures seen at the top of the boiler (within reason of the accuracy of my thermocouple and reader). For example, when brewing, typically I would see heating from 85C, up to 95C and then overshoot up to 105C. When usin
  6. Well, I kind of blew this all apart. Bought a VST basket to be able to go up to 18g and fitted a Auber PID too. With the 18g basket I'm not getting much less of a screen imprint and a much cleaner shower screen post shot too, so that's good! I can achieve consistent results for weight in vs weight out within a specific timeframe +/- 1 second or so. Now with the PID, I'm going to try increasing the temperature to see what impact it has, likewise with decreasing temperature.
  7. Not cracked yet, very much work in progress! Haven't had chance to add the thermocouple yet but I think I might be able to do it tomorrow.
  8. You're quite right in that I can't be certain I'm hitting that temperature. I have a K type thermocouple reader + thermocouple I can add to the top of the boiler, I might try this to get a better idea of repeatability of my temp surfing. I understand this is where the thermocouple is added for PID control. Can't really try their recipe at 18g in and 30g out due to basket size. If the indent is bad now at 16g, imagine it at 18g! Their ratio is about 1 : 1.66 though, I guess it might be worth trying 16g in ~27g out in 30 seconds. Edit to add, I've got some of their "Milk Buster" bea
  9. Thanks. 16g in the standard double basket seems to be quite common from what I've read, I understand it can be different depending on coffee and grind etc. I've edited my second post for clarity, 50 seconds is the wait time after the heat light goes off, for temp surfing.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I am leaving the machine to heat for at least 30 minutes, then I flush through the portafilter into my cup to warm the cup while I prepare the coffee. Once I've done this, the portafilter is too hot to touch so I'm confident the machine is adequately warmed up. Once I prepare the coffee and I've added to the portafilter, tamped etc, I flush the machine again into an empty jug until heating light comes on, wait for light to go out and start stopwatch, wait 30 seconds, flush 5 seconds, steam stops, load portafilter, place cup and scales under, hit the brew button at a
  11. Hello all, sorry to start another "I'm a beginner, help!" thread. I'd had a Delonghi Dedica machine for a few years as my very first introduction into 'proper' coffee. Last year I inherited some money and decided to upgrade. I bought a Rancilio Silvia V6 and I've paired it with a Niche grinder after lots of reading around on grinders. I've also done lots of reading about temperature surfing, PID and other upgrades, how to get the best from the machine etc. As it stands I'm following the temperature surfing routine here. Using all of the standard Rancilio equipment (double bask
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