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  1. Feel like I owe everyone who’s contributed an apology for not acknowledging their help and wisdom - all taken onboard and much appreciated! Sorry for such delay in responding and thank you for the guidance. I managed to get nice shots with a smaller grind, though all the shots have been a bit crema shy for some reason and perhaps a touch lacking in body? Feel like I never dialled that quite right, and the bag is nearly over! 😂 Next round I guess since I have a different one lined up already... ☕️
  2. Probably a bit of a novice question here, but have not found a definite answer after googling and searching the forum, so here goes. I’ve just got myself another bag of beans from my local roaster and went for a darker roast this time. Having pulled a double shot I found the flow to be much faster than with the previous medium roast beans and 28 secs at the same grind size yelded nigh on 60g (!!!) rather than the usual 35. I’d expected some variation, but that was HUGE. Now my thinking is, I’d assumed grinding finer for darker roasts wouldn’t be ideal at least on paper as it already shou
  3. Likewise! You can be sure of a very well kept and serviced machine 👍
  4. It might be - my first assumption was that it now is a lot easier for things to slip through the net because of the sheer overload of stuff going through customs, perhaps after the first month or two of massive delays something had to give and a small sub 1kg parcel is unassuming enough to get the nod forward? The parcel first landed in Europe in Köln, so I guess that’s where the import would have been processed in the past being the entry point in the EU.
  5. Another thumbs up to buying direct if in a hurry vs buying in April. It's not the fastest shipping (at least compared to 24/48hrs domestic services), but mine arrived in about 10 days (oredere 28/02, arrived 10/03), no extra custom charges (though I'd read of people being charged £18 between charge and handling fee, not sure if it's a bit of a lottery?) and like @PACMAN it cost me about 120-odd quid. @Ando these are great grinders, well built and constantly in demand, so I'm sure there will be takers for it, especially for someone who doesn't fancy the slightly longer wait time.
  6. I don't know any details about Hema as a store or their coffee, but I know that again this year they are one of the jersey sponsor of the Dutch cycling team Jumbo Visma, so I'm going to assume they're still going. Having said that, there ought to be an easier way to get good quality beans locally/without importing, especially now that getting anything in the UK from he EU is such a slow, shambolic mess...!
  7. My JX Pro has arrived 👍 Ordered direct from 1Zpresso since BB were out of stock after reading favourable feedback on delivery times and customer support, took about 10 days and no extra fees on top, saved me about £70! Looking forward to picking up some lovely dark beans from my local roaster W Martyn up in Muswell Hill and get dialling that grind in
  8. Looks a proper 'bike for life' that, very adaptable and no doubt built like a tank! This also reminds me I should take the detour and pop into Essex at some point, haven't been out that way in ages!
  9. Bit late on this, but where did you bulk buy the semola? I go through it quite a lot as I use it for pizza, focaccia and bread but can only find smaller bags at pretty high prices...
  10. I don't find anything wrong with your original post - I was born and grew up in Italy, so my taste for coffee was born that way, and still very much is. I've had some really high quality, expertly pulled coffees using fancy Square Mile beans from a good local cafe and I just did not like it. Soooo sweet, chocolatey and just different to what I'm looking for in a coffee. It very much is a case of to each their own I guess. A good arabica/robusta blend is what works for me as I genuinely find it to taste much nicer that more 'modern' type blends no matter how smooth and sweet they are. You
  11. Got chocked as in it was way too fine? That would be very interesting for me as I’m looking for something espresso capable and I normally do standard 14g doubles, so 20g in less than a minute for a very fine grind would be a great benchmark!
  12. Could be interested in the 15 if Jaffro is not interested, would be perfect for my daily classic Italian sized double 🙂 How much were you looking for it?
  13. ales


    @dfk41 No, going on pop idol is not an insult to “the bands of earlier days” because you just go on tv and get famous for a while, it is an insult to the craft of musicianship because those people are largely devoid of a real talent, message, creativity and ability to make a significant impact for the better. Going on tv to sing someone else’s song as patiently drilled by a vocal coach is just something that has nothing to do with what “the bands of earlier days” did, and why said bands are very much of current day, too. Apples and oranges. Likewise, having something to say and getti
  14. Thanks all for the feedback. I'd seen that review of the Timemore anda few more, and it does seem like the consensus is that it can do espresso grind but won't excell and might in time become quite frustrating. 1zpresso and Knock seem the fore runners now then... May be time for a WTB post to try my luck in case any second hand ones are going...!
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