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  1. That’s really good to hear, your review and the Osmio thread was how I discovered the Osmio. I emailed Mark direct and he gave me a great deal £345 including filter set and sanitisation kit. What are your thoughts on adding a little bicarb to the Osmio water ? I’m not sure if the low pH on the current Brita water has caused what you see in the photos
  2. Hi Chris, had a look at 200 degrees and seems decent. have you tried their ‘mellowship slinky’ decaf ? Just wondering about trying decaf for the evenings after work just not sure about swapping beans every day with the Mignon Specialita ?
  3. All good points Doram, ended up ordering the Osmio... mainly for it’s practicality and the fact we were in need of a kettle too ! We’ll see how it goes.
  4. Thanks Doram, I thought about bottled water but then it’s just the inconvenience and plastic and a stage looks like the Osmio is best all round solution that should pay for itself in the long run.
  5. I think dual boiler or MaraX would definitely help to reduce any inconsistencies. The Elizabeth has some nice software features and likely faster warmup but the steam boiler is 800ml compared to the MaraX’s 1800ml meaning less steam output if you ever needed to produce more milk drinks for friends etc. Also, as the MaraX has the e61 group you can buy plenty of upgrades later on down the line such as a flow valve for profiling. I was thinking about a Rancilio at first but then went for the MaraX for similar reasons to you and I love the combination of it being more ‘mechanical’
  6. Hi All, Had a MaraX now for nearly a month now and noticed small ‘green’ spots on the e61 mushroom and on the threads. Also, the hot water tap has slight corrosion and I’m not sure but is discolouration on the shower dispersion screw normal ? Pictures attached hopefully. It’s not good enough but I’m currently using Brita filtered tap water and the Lelit in tank softener but currently looking at getting an Osmio Zero. I live in Nottinghamshire and the Severn Trent water report says the water here is hard (around 250 mg/L). I borrowed a water tester from work today and t
  7. NewDJ, what’s your budget ? I had a similar story to yours except I’ve been using a Delonghi for the last 2 years and just upgraded to a MaraX As you like milk based coffees it kind of rules out single boiler/ thermoblock machines unless you’re willing to wait a while in between shots and steaming milk but you’ll still have inconsistencies to deal with. I still have a lot to learn on steaming milk but so far with the MaraX the difference has been huge having instant steam power on tap from having the 1.8L boiler Craig
  8. I was referring to how much is lost from input to output i.e. if I put 17.5g in I’ll usually get ~17.3g out. I’m pretty new to the coffee world and these forums... when you say ‘retention’ is that how much is lost when grinding initially with the grinder fully empty ?
  9. I bought a Specialita (55mm burrs) the other week upgrading from a smart grinder pro. I’m finding the retention pretty good at around +-0.2g I just overdose slightly and gently ‘tap’ out a little excess if required. It does seems to accumulate quite a bit in the chute though which can allow a very small amount to fall down occasionally if you leave the motor on after grinding.
  10. Thanks Emily and Chris I’ll have a look into the roasters you mentioned
  11. Good day fellow coffee lovers ! Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello as I’ve recently upgraded from a Delonghi to a MaraX and Specialita as a result of the advice on these forums and lockdown preventing myself and my partner from enjoying our local Cafés. I’ve been throughly enjoying my learning journey so far and until recently didn’t even know what a non-pressurised basket or single origin was ! So far I’ve tried a couple of roasts from Bella Barista and got some Square mile coffee on the way. Looking forward to continuing my coffee journey and sharing experiences thr
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