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  1. Ah no. The espresso machine IS the end! The means is the excuse that I need coffee 😆
  2. Very interesting first post @AlbertR thank you. Meine Frau is aus Deutchland. Willkomen!
  3. From memory the Alex and Valexia were developed in response to requests, including from DaveCUK, for a prosumer version of their multiple group head levers. (I have a Valexia on order with an ETA of September 30 ... counting down the days). So yes, pretty sure they are not intended as being suitable only in a commercial setting.
  4. I hoped so too but alas apparently not. Can't seem to find any bags of that size that are recyclable and don't flow apart under vacuum sealer pressure. Please point me in the right direction if you know somewhere, anyone! Thanks.
  5. This one is rated to 99 grams. They have a whole range though up to 1kg. A bit less expensive at the lower capacity end though. Listing on ebay Australia was "2 to 99 grams Powder/Granules Weighing Filling Machine Tea Seed Flour Filler" in case you want to search locally. It will pack a lot faster but the accuracy goes down significantly.
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/119E...ew?usp=sharingI vacuum seal individual 18g doses of beans around the time that they hit maximum flavor and body. I then freeze them and simply grab a dose out of the freezer, grind and pour.I previously had two Acaia Orions for the job of weighing and dispensing the beans, until I saw a this machine which does the job faster than both of the Orions working at the same time.I bought it for AU$299 and it was shipped for free from within Australia. No manual, no instructions, just a helpful customer support person on Messenger answering questions.It is amazing. It's as accurate as the Orions (to within 0.3g per dose) and faster than the two Orions working simultaneously and it counts the doses dispensed. It's too big and ugly for a kitchen so it sits in my office/roastery and that's the Orion's advantage; the look elegant.Thought I'd share a video of it in action in case anyone else has the need to dispense beans into small pouches or bean cellars.
  7. I vacuum seal my beans before freezing but I've been wondering if simply squeezing excess air out would have almost the same effect. In others words, does air, in a frozen environment still degrade at a similar rate to a room temperature environment? Any thoughts would be happily received.
  8. +2 for freezing. I vacuum seal 18g into pouches as soon as the beans hit peak flavour. Then it's snip, grind and pour. No weighing pre-grind which makes the work flow at that end easier although granted it is definitely more work overall. I've read reports that frozen beans are best ground frozen because chemical reactions take place during the defrosting process. Anyone got any theories or experience with that?
  9. No offence meant nor slight intended to your experience or capability. Fanboyz, maybe. Dave is one of the few I know here but it's true I value his advice.
  10. What would be really great is if one of ours steamed experienced members could create a troubleshooting checklist for this problem. Please? Not looking at anyone in particular @DavecUK😀
  11. Indeed. Perhaps my wording was clumsy but I was not inferring that a warranty restarted with a repair, rather quite the opposite.
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