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  1. 20kg. How do I know? Using a Puqpress which esteemed reviewers mostly say is not recommended for prosumer use but its been a game changer for me. Incredibly consistent pours. I'm sure that many people, more experienced than me, would not need it but for me it's taken one variable out.
  2. @LMartin I've recently been enjoying a dark roast 50/50 decaf/normal bean. Great flavour. Have you tried that as an option?
  3. With decaf l grind a lot finer e.g. at a 14 on my NZ for my favourite bean and 8 for decaf, to get the same recipe (weight in, weight out, duration).
  4. Thanks @jack121 I had not seen that, very helpful and much appreciated.
  5. Just found this which is excellent https://aillio.medium.com/how-to-begin-roasting-great-coffee-on-the-bullet-r1-v2-9c5eeb6f4afd
  6. Picking up my R1 v2 on Saturday. I'm in the Aillio FB group. But l suspect there are more experienced roasters here. And bearing in mind that I have little idea what I'm doing, can anyone point me to resources which might be helpful for my 1st few attempts? 1 I have of course read the manual but I'm still concerned that I might be missing things like how to set the fan speed, starting temperature, monitoring temperature and so on. And all tips will be gratefully accepted. Thanking you in anticipation.
  7. Weber is twice that price so I would think you would do well. I bought the Weber version otherwise I'd be signing up.
  8. To encourage you to buy @Colio07, I made the move and could not be happier with my Decent (DE1XL white). Arrived ten days ago. Endless possibilities and a lot of fun. I was surprised how easy it is to use at its most basic level. Delighted with it. Ingenious. (I have kept my ECM Synchronika which I think is a truly beautiful machine and my adult kids still use when visiting and I'm delighted to say that they have no idea how to use the Decent. Score one for the old man!)
  9. Update: service repairer found no issue with the grinder other than a bean stuck in the burrs. All working fine now and retention is around 4g. Thanks to all for your advice.
  10. Give it to a new friend in Australia?
  11. My Kinu M47 Classic grinds 18g in 30 seconds and it's easy and produces great espresso. It's the first hand grinder I've thought could easily replace an electric grinder. Might keep you happy for a year or so.
  12. Used one of these for years. It's actually stepless although the display would have you believe otherwise, quite underrated https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/56928382761315358/
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