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  1. Have you watched this? It shows how to remove/rebuild the steam valve. Even if the current one is damaged I would have expected you could replace it. Parts are available https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Rancilio-Silvia-Steam-Valve-Complete-OEM---10060119/m-5037.aspx Silvia is pretty robust and should be repairable. Good luck
  2. Have you tried drawing out a wiring diagram? It might help spot any mistakes. With a single SSR setup the SSR should just replace the brew thermostat. When you press the steam switch the SSR is bypassed and the heating is being controlled by the original steam thermostat. This is why it heats independently from what the PID states. Do you hear the steam thermostat click when it reaches temp. I have a Rancilio Silvia rather than a Gaggia, but they work the same way. When mine hits 140C I can hear the thermostat click off (the temp climbs for a bit more though due to lag). If that’s ha
  3. Have a look at this thread. It covers most of the potential reasons. Hopefully one of them will fit what you’re seeing. Good luck
  4. Try grinding with the handle only partway down the shaft and see if that helps. I’ve got a MBK aergrind, and while I’ve not had it come unscrewed like you describe I’ve had the grind setting change. After a while I realised that when grinding play in the handle can push the number disk against the body of the grinder. This stops the numbers turning and is essentially the same as when you are setting it. I saw someone once add a washer as a spacer, but I just don’t push the handle all the way down so there’s still a gap between the handle and numbers.
  5. Looks good. The acacia scales are beautiful, but personally I can’t justify the jump from £6 to over £200
  6. You could try contacting the manufacturer of the control unit (dtindustry.com). They might be able to provide a manual. Looking at the specs for their current products you can connect them to a PC for configuration.
  7. Might be worth repasting the steam thermostat anyway. The brackets share the same screw, and as the paste gets squeezed out there probably isn’t much left. I guess you could also try another thermostat, or just start steaming earlier. I can’t help be a little suspicious of the accuracy of the reading. If it was genuinely switching off at 162C I would have expected you to have tripped the safety thermostat by now, as that’s specified at 165C.
  8. I’ll caveat with I don’t have a Robot, so you’d need to double check the dimensions, but these are pretty small. I use them on my Silvia and have been happy with them. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/0-01g-500g-Electronic-Pocket-Digital-LCD-Weighing-Scales-Food-Jewellery-Kitchen-/174496848253 They’re cheap, fast response and can weigh up to 500g at 0.01g accuracy.
  9. That does seem a bit high then. Like you said, cutout should be around 140C. If i remember correctly the thermostats work by a piece of metal expanding and breaking the connection, so there isn’t much that could cause it to drift. It should either work, or not. The only other idea I can think of is that the thermal conductivity between the boiler and thermostat isn’t great. Did you use plenty of thermal paste? If you didn’t then that might explain it. Not having perfect thermal conduction between the boiler and thermostat would mean the boiler had to be a bit hotter before the thermo
  10. I just checked on mine and the orange light (and audible click) of the steam thermostat cut power to the element at 139C. The temp readout on pid maxed out at 155.8C. This was with a cold machine.
  11. I just checked and as long as your item weighs less than 530g (so it doesn’t show overload) then you can tare it to zero and weigh up to another 530g. It does work a bit over this but you have to put the items on before turning it on to register zero with the items on. Here’s a picture of my portafilter balanced on it, plus a tamper for some additional weight.
  12. What temperature does the element light cut out at, as those shows when it stops heating. I have a similar setup and the power cuts off at ~135 C, but the heat continues to climb towards 150C, so I don’t think what you’re seeing is unusual. RTD probes respond quicker than k type thermocouples, so perhaps you didn’t wait as long before, or you started steaming earlier, which will obviously cause it to cut out. If the steam thermostat had failed and the safety was cutting power then it would stopping heating completely, as you have to press the button to reset the safety.
  13. I do have some 0.1g accuracy kitchen scales, but personally quite like 0.01g accuracy. I agree that it’s overkill, but it some how feels easier to stop at the right point when pulling a shot. The main driver for my choice was the thickness. I tend to single dose, so haven’t tried fitting a portafilter on it, but weight wise it will be fine. The max weight is 500g, but this is from tare. A bit geeky but I usually use it to weigh 500g of water into my teapot and it copes with no problem.
  14. I got some of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/0-01g-500g-Electronic-Pocket-Digital-LCD-Weighing-Scales-Food-Jewellery-Kitchen-/174496848253 When I looked I couldn’t find much middle ground between cheap and a fortune (e.g. Acaia). These are small enough to fit on my Rancilio Silvia and seem pretty accurate and quick to respond. They’re obviously not waterproof, but don’t drown them and you should be fine. They came with a little plastic tray, which I tend to leave on to catch any drips (with some none slip mat under)
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