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  1. @Zatogato I got mines off amazon for about £20 - bottomless is very useful for diagnosing problems with your shot. Also available on ebay I think! Probably that, scales are a tamper and a good setup!
  2. Now is a good time to be buying/selling as there is a lot of equiptment going around even if some are overpriced. I've just waited for good deals and keep my stuff in good condition to sell when it comes up and I've barely spent more than I started with. I've attached some photos from my sage and delonghi combo below...
  3. @Zatogato I started with a Sage Grinder and recently got a Crono a few weeks ago. Personally I think that's a good deal for the grinder pro - it's super easy to use and is a breeze to switch between grind sizes. Keep it in good condition and then if you fancy upgrading you'll be able to sell it for near enough what you paid. Also in terms of finding a Classic keep an eye on Facebook and Gumtree they often pop up for half the price of ebay! Just be quick because they go away fast!! Cheers
  4. @PACMAN The video below is a good way of moving the solenoid with some descaler to clean the inside I found! Haven't been able to crack open the boiler as gave up with the nuts being too tight but will try again when I fit my PID! I only ordered one as it was only £20 at the time from the espresso shop and thought it might be worth while with the group gasket.
  5. Good work on the rebiuld @PACMAN! I had to strip mines down when it arrived as the solenoid had been blocked up (was worried I'd been sold a broken one) But now runs amazing and has zero issues. Awaiting a brass shower plate holder and new gasket for group head to arrrive on wednesday
  6. I have a second hand double spout portafilter from my 2005 Classic if you're interested? I can attach some photos? Cheers
  7. @pandabear Yup 360 degree rotation! Good luck with the new grinder - let us know how you get on. I've been really enjoying the more medium fruity blends as appose to dark chocolate ones recently
  8. @pandabear That's great I'm sure the one on Tuesday will be good to go straight out the box! I think it's quite good to just get an idea of what the dial represents without going through a lot of beans From absolute zero where it won't turn at all its about 1.5 full turns to espresso range for me. I broke it in with some very old and very dark cheap beans and had to go super fine but the ginger handled it fine! Below is medium roast straight from dosing cup to basket!
  9. Haha I have a couple 18g shots a day so I thought moving up to 22 would be a bit excessive (or expensive) and a caffeine overload. Yeah I I experiment in that 2:1 to 2.5:1 range to see what's best for the beans I have. Currently just using discounts I find over the place and trying lots of different stuff. On my third bag from Extract Coffee Roasters now.
  10. @bargi What basket do you use? I'm trying to find a balance of dosing high enough to leave the pucks dry but not high enough to leave an imprint on the shower screen. I know it probs doesn't matter but would leave me slightly more satisfied!! I might also hop on the single dose train when I fancy a change! Cheers
  11. @Uncletits Hi! Yes once beans are dialed in I just grind at a set time and it will be near enough x grams. Also use a dosing cup when finding that set time to make it easier removing/adding some ground coffee. (I'll attach another reply with some photos of my routine) So I've got an 12-18g IMS basket and I started using 15 or 16 grams ground but now I have been doing 18grams. My pucks were a bit wet so tried upping the dose and that seemed to help a bit. I think it's just an amount that doesn't leave a crazy amount of headroom from your tamped coffee to the shower screen? I sti
  12. @pandabear Any luck with the crono? I got mines around 10 days ago and has easily been able to grind fine enough for espresso. I use a full 250g bag of beans in the hopper then dial down until I've got around the correct time and output. Or a second approach would be put it on the lowest time setting and then keep dialing down and checking the grind size/quality in a line. I did this on a white sheet of paper to get an idea of grind size!
  13. I've been playing about with this and find I get more consistent with less spurts with just distributor to be honest. But have been playing about with dose in my ims 12-18g basket as my pucks have been quite wet after extraction recently. Might post a thread about this in a technical topic. Do you single dose then if you're spraying your beans?
  14. Agreed! It took about a 250g bag of coffee before it settled and I got my technique down. Nice fluffy grinds and super even across. Cheers
  15. Thanks I'm enjoying it a lot so far! Fork not required but I thought for an extra tenner it would be good to have! My bottomless won't sit by itself but might with a dosing ring on top - theres gap of about 15mm between the portafilter and the hard plastic bit under the shoot. Might investigate at a later date. I mainly use it for espresso yes but when I have used it for aeropress (medium grind?) I've just had to turn it 2 full rotations coarser and good to go. So not much hassle if you're not doing huge changes regularly. No its a stepless timer so no increments, so I start a
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