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  1. Looking forward to pouring plenty more of them. Rest assured it’s going to a good home and will be well looked after!
  2. Sid

    Smart Grinder Pro

    Yes, that’s fine
  3. Sid

    Smart Grinder Pro

    Would you accept 145?
  4. Hi Dan, I’m new here myself! Welcome to the forum!
  5. Thanks Deegee, can’t wait to get it now!
  6. Sid

    Smart Grinder Pro

    Hey @Timmyboy is this still for sale?
  7. Looks great, can’t wait to receive it and start making great espresso! Many thanks Stephen!
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome! Appreciated 👍
  9. Great, thank you. I’ll give that a go!
  10. Hello everyone, I’m Sid from Stockport. I’ve recently got into coffee and currently own a technivorm moccamaster and I’m hoping to buy a gaggia classic refurb 🤞. I found this site via google searching gaggia refurbished machines and then lurked a little before creating an account! I’m looking to learn a lot from you guys whilst here and I’m looking forward to that! Ps. Does anyone know why my profile pic is sidewards; I can’t seem to get it to go the right way up haha!
  11. Sid

    Gaggia Classic

    I’ll definitely take it thank you, do I need to post that in the for sale section too?
  12. Sid

    Gaggia Classic

    Wonderful, thanks for the heads up; I'll keep my eye out later on!
  13. Sid

    Gaggia Classic

    Yes please, I'm very interested! Thank you
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