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  1. Will definitely look into these, thank you 🙏🏽
  2. Good shout, I’ll bear this in mind when upgrading. Much appreciated 😁
  3. I have an 18g VST basket which I’m planning to use for any portafilter I buy for the Gaggia. Am I right in thinking it’ll fit the Edesia?
  4. Yeah I think I’ll go for the wooden one, thank you, makes the decision easier when the price difference isn’t too extreme. Thank you 🙏🏽
  5. Hi, relativley new to the forum and just starting out with the home barista journey (already hooked). Looking to buy a naked/bottomless portafilter for Gaggia Classic, preferably with a wooden handle but not essential. Can anyone recommend any in particular that are of a good quality or are they all pretty much created equal? Cheers Jules
  6. It’s scheduled to arrive this Friday 🤞🏽 so hopefully that’s the case as I’ll be driving home from work like a kid on Christmas morning and would hate to be disappointed haha! But yeah you’re right, I’ve heard of a few businesses selling stock they don’t have
  7. Currently out of stock on their site but looks like Rounton Coffee Roasters have it in 😃
  8. This sounds like a really good option! Not heard of this machine until your post, brilliant, thank you. Now trying to find a site with it in stock
  9. This is the one I was leaning toawrds, brilliant thank you
  10. Hi, new to the group Have recently acquired a 2005 model Gaggia Classic (after coveting one for some time). Studied the recommended modifications and consequently, I've adjsuted the OPV down to 9Bar, swapped out the steam arm for the Rancilio wand, replaced stock presurrised basket with 18g VST and in the process of looking for decent naked portafilter to help dial in extractions.(Already hooked on improving my espresso quality and tinkering with the Classic to maximise it's potential, frustrating but rewarding!) However, from everything I've read, these upgrades will have little imp
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